Thursday, August 3, 2017

The 3rd of July!

Every year, the town of Plainfield does their fireworks show on the 3rd of July.  We go every year.  We set up camp at St. Mary's.  The kids had fun playing on the park before it got dark.

Evie and her boys!

And this day happens to be our anniversary too!  And we are sitting at the church we were married at!  Here are me with some of my bridesmaids.

This year the groom was actually present too!

Me and my hubby of 13 years!

We always bring snacks and things to do.  This year Gracie brought her Shopkins.

Colton had no problem digging into the watermelon. 

We always so sparklers too.

Soon it was dark and about time for the show to begin.

Here are all our friends who came out this year.

Plainfield does put on a pretty good show.

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