Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!

Today was Halloween! It was a beautiful day too. Gracie had a Halloween party and parade at school today. I skipped over there to see the action. Today she decided to be Jessie. Doesn't she look cute?

Here are some of her friends in the parade they had.

And here is her whole little class. They look so darling.

They even sang us a pumpkin song and you can watch it at the end of this post.

After school, I tried to get Gracie with some of her friends from school. Here she is with Grace Ann.

Here she is with her teachers Miss Jane and Miss Colleen.

Here are some more of her friends, Kendal, Ava, and Bella.

And her is Gracie with Michael. He was a shark.

After some naps, Auntie Amy, or the Great Pumpkin, had some Halloween gifts to give.

Bubs got some choo-choo's. He loved them.

Then it was time to go trick-or-treating. We bundled up because it did get a little chilly. This girl was ready to get some candy. And lots of it.

Gracie showed the little ones the way. Oh yeah, Evie and Presley went trick-or-treating as big babies because neither of them would wear their costumes. They screamed again!

First stop was Aunt Sue's. Gracie showed them how to ring the doorbell and say "trick-or-treat."

After a few houses, everyone had the hang of it. Lots of people weren't home and Evie had a problem with that. She would look and the door and mumble something.

Presley was on a mission though. Since he doesn't say "trick-or-treat" of "thanks" yet, he was full of waves. His little strut down the street with his bag of candy was pricless.

These two gave the stare down until candy was given. Of course lots of people put the bowl out for them to grab some and they were not shy one bit to take any.

Evie started getting tired after our trip around the block so Presley carried her bag for her. What a good brother!

These two couldn't wait to get home and dig into those bags.

But we made one more quick stop to Aunt Rosemary's. She had special little bags put together! She is so sweet!

Here is Gracie digging into hers.

And here are the little monsters already on a sugar high with their little Halloween bags.

Evie with one last look at her Halloween outfit because tomorrow we pack up this stuff and get ready for Christmas.

In fact, this girl ratted me out to her dad because Gracie and I already have listened to some Polar Express songs in the mini. But now that Halloween is over, it's CHRISTMAS!

Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween and hope everyone is looking forward to the holiday season as much as we are.

Gracie's class singing the pumpkin song.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

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Waiting for the Great Pumpkin!

Despite some little monsters not wanting to wear their Halloween costumes, we have had lots of fun this month doing some Halloweeny things. We've been to the pumpkin patch a few times this year but we've also seen this Halloween movie a couple of times.

This one was the favorite until I found my old Garfield Halloween. We've seen that one plenty of times to last until next year! We carved pumpkins already, I forgot to take pictures, but I'll post some later of how they turned out. We also got some baby pumpkins at one of our trips to the pumpkin patch and these we decided to paint. This was a fun project. I stripped the kids of their clothes to spare all the messy cleanup of them. Did I mention, I decided to do this with no one but me here to superivise? It went really well though with only some minor messy messes. Evie would have rather painted the tablecloth. Like my subtle way of throwing in some early holiday cheer with my snowman tablecloth? Presley was so interested in this that he never wanted to clean up. How is this for some serious concentration? Gracie was busy mixing her colors. She is so smart. She knows what colors mix together to make what. My son, the artist, who also likes drawing with red dry erase marker on the wall, which fyi, doesn't come off. Even with the magic eraser! This girl wanted to use every color under the sun. Gracie also wanted to make some foamy pumpkin stickers to put in a Halloween card to all her friends at school. She had a blast putting them together and then we stuck them inside some orange construction paper. I wrote "Happy Halloween" and Gracie signed her name. On all 18 of them. Plus a few extra for some nonschool buddies. I am proud of her! We stuffed them inside a treat bag with some Dum-Dums and a Halloween pencil so she can take them to pass out at her Halloween party tomorrow at school! She is super excited. And then of course, who doesn't like a foamy project from Michael's? Gracie likes these things and we buy sets all the time to make. So that's some of the fun we have had this month to prepare for Halloween. It was fun but I am ready for Christmas! Have a good Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party!

Today we went to our friend Scott and Levi's 2nd Annual Halloween Party! Now my kids, Gracie in particular have been anxiously awaiting Halloween. Gracie has had her costume for weeks now. She's been wearing it all over the place. Today though, what does she pick? Sleeping Beauty. And the twins, well, I worked hard to go with the Toy Story theme so I found them Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes. Guess who won't wear them?

I have tried for days to get them to even try it on. Nope.

They wore them for like 5 seconds and then we took them off. I guess I will be returning them. Halloween costumes are not too cheap anymore. But somebody did stay in her costume. Miss Shelby was a cute little witch. Now my friend Jessica went all out on this party. It was Harry Potter themed, complete with the coolest Harry Potter invites I had ever seen. ALthough I don't know much about him. I have actually never read any books or seen any movies. But check out her cupcakes she made. Mr. Jackson ran around in his costume like a champ as a sock monkey. All my 2 non-wearing costume children wanted to do was eat. At least they wore their Halloween shirts.
Gracie stayed in hers though and had fun playing in Scotty's new ballpit!

Here are all the kiddies at the party. Trying to get them to pose for nice picture is nearly impossible. Actually, it IS and WAS impossible. So I took a bunch. Check out the Dorothy and her sister, the little tornado. I loved that. Good thing I decided this was not the year for the Wizard of Oz themed outfits. They wouldn't have worn it anyways. Jessica's boys, Scott and Levi were Harry Potter people. Scott was Harry and I'm not sure who Levi was since again, I don't know my Potter stuff. But after that ordeal, it was time to eat Halloween Pizza! It doesn't have anything to do with Halloween, it's just really yummy pizza that you can only get in Manhattan. And the of course, the yummy cupcakes. Gracie ate a whole pumpkin cupcake.

It was a great party! Happy Halloween!