Thursday, June 30, 2016

Disney Part 6-Hanging at the Hotel and Randoms!

So this post is all about hanging at our hotel, checking out some new hotels and just random pics that I forgot to include because I took a million pics!
This was our pic from Gator Land.  The kids and Chuck are holding a gator and Gracie has a snake around her neck!  Yikes!  I wanted nothing to do with either.  And the pic is upside-down.  Sorry.

We stayed at Pop Century. It's a value resort but super cute.  Each area is a different decade!
The Big Wheel was right by our rooms.  We stayed in the 70's area.

They showed movies many nights on this blow up movie screen.  One night we watched part of Star Wars!

We had fun walking around the resort and taking pictures with things.

A big Rubic's Cube for the 80's part of our resort.

One day my sister and I enjoyed drinks by the pool.

Presley bought these Star Wars light sabers at Hollywood Studios.  They were too big to carry back to the hotel so we had them shipped to our hotel.  He was pretty excited when we picked them up!

Of course we had to open them and him and Grandpa had a battle.

We did ride the Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios.  Presley liked it so much that he rode it twice! 
Daddy loves the Muppets so we headed to that area as well.  They are busy making a big Star Wars area right next to it.


Another one of Daddy's favorites!

This is back at our hotel. 

A yo-yo in the 60's area.
Our resort is within walking distance to a new resort called the Art of Animation.  It is so cute!   A little more pricier than our hotel but we walked over and had breakfast there and walked around.  There are 4 sections here: Nemo, Cars, Lion King, and the Little Mermaid.

We stopped in their gift shop too and tried on some hats.

They have a cute Nemo swim area.

But the Cars area was my favorite.  It would be cool to stay here next time!

All the cars were there and we had to take pics with all of them!

The pool area here even has Cozy Cone cabanas.  Super cute!

Then we headed back to the Nemo area where the seagulls periodically say "Mine, Mine, Mine."

Then we checked out the Lion King area.

And we checked out the Little Mermaid part too.

A dinglehopper!

Our resort is connected by a bridge.  So convenient!

Back at our resort, the 50's area has bowling pins and a bowling pin shaped pool!

In the 60's area, there is a flower shaped pool!

And in the 70's area, there are Twister games because that's when the game came out! The kids had fun playing.

We also played in the arcade at our hotel too.

We had these kids tuckered out every night but they were troopers!

We rode the bus to check out another hotel and saw the monorail.

And Presley was pretty excited to see the Captain America Civil War bus!

This is the line that greeted us most mornings trying to get into the parks.  We had 3 strollers, bags of ponchos, bags of snacks and other things.  They had to be checked before entering the park.   It's a good thing too and we didn't mind especially since the Orlando shootings took place while we were there. So sad.

We ended up back at Epcot to ride a few rides we missed the day were there.

These two crazy kids are celebrating their 40th anniversary!

We rode Nemo again because it is super cute.
We watched Timon and Pumba show about recycling.

We also took a boat ride about the land and learned all about how to help the earth!

We were also introduced to Figment in the Land of Imagination. 

We saw some Pixar shows.

And rode Spaceshop Earth again.
The kids were pros at using their magic bands and it is so cool you can control your trip with these things!

We went back to Hollywood Studios again to catch some more shows we missed the other day we were there too.

We saw the Indiana Jones show.  Pretty cool!

And we watched the Beauty and the Beast show. 

More hats!

We spent our last day by swimming in the pools. 

We also checked out the Wilderness Lodge.

Then just like that, it was time to head for home.

Our Magical Express came to pick us up and take us to the airport.

The kids hula hooped while they loaded our luggage. 

And here is all the stuff we left with. 

It really was a great trip and we loved every minute.  The kids did great and we all can't wait to go back again!  Until next time Disney!