Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hip-Hop'n at 4!

Well, my big girl is 4 years old now and that means that it was time for her 4 year old checkup!

Isn't cute that they don't make the kids sit around in diapers or undies....they get to wear a gown! Gracie thought that was pretty cool even when after we had just derobed and decided a potty break was in order and we had to run to the bathrooms near the waiting area with our backside almost showing!

Anyways, Gracie kept hearing Dr. Bierma's voice (he has a loud booming voice) and was so excited for her to come in and check her out to make sure she was healthy. She kept saying "I'm four. I'm a real big girl now!" Well, I don't know if big is the word. She was 39 and a quarter inch tall, which put her at the 50th% but her weight......well she weighed in at 30 lbs. exactly. That put her at the 5th%. Gracie has always been rocking that area, in fact, at one point, she wasn't even on the chart! I always ask the doctor if he is worried but he isn't. If you look at her 3 year old checkup, she did gain 4 pounds and grew 3 inches! We discussed some issues and did well. I always discuss with him her picky eating habits but it looks like she is coming out of her little funk again. Thank goodness. We are now eating more than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Amen! But she left with a clean bill health and no shots!

But she did start something new now that she is 4. Instead of ballet, she has decided to give hip hop a try! It is only for a couple of weeks this summer and today was the first one. There are only 6 girls in the class and her friend Ava, from school, and soccer, is in there with her! So here is my little girl trying her best at hip hop and dancing to the lady herself, Lady Gaga.

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