Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Hi. Have you missed us? The circus is back in town and we are getting used to our juggling our new schedule around here. I, for one, have been so completely exhausted that it has been impossible to get much of anything done, let alone blog. Saying being back at work is hard is an understatement. It's nearly sucking the energy out of me! For some reason, this year has already been extremely hard, frustrating and stressful.

Anyways enough about that or we could be here until next summer, last weekend we actually took the kids to the children's musuem for some fun. It was raining so it was the perfect thing to do. We had lots of fun there.

The bubbles were a big hit.

And so was the water.

This weekend we went to the splashpark. It was warm. It won't be for much longer. We wanted to take advantage.

Bub actually got a little wet too.

But this girl is in love with these parks. She had the best time of all!

We brought a picnic lunch and that was fun too.

This little girl has been obsessed with watermelons all summer.

This girl loves her pizza lunchables.

And this guy will eat anything under the sun!

But he's not one to try new things, get dirty, get wet, etc.

Today we hung around the house and played outside.

My husband hates these one piece outfits I sometimes dress my son in. I think they are cute even though the bottoms get caught in his chubby little legs. Don't worry, that's it for these things. He's moving up to 2T this fall and they don't make pant suits for the big guys.

And Miss Evie makes me smile everyday because she is such a little ham and loves posing for pictures.

Here we are playing at the splashpark.

Here we are having fun on the slide.

We had a great weekend. I love being with my kids.

August 28, 1990

Today is August 28th. 21 years ago to the day. It was one of the most horrible and awful days of my life. It always will be. I thank God everyday that we survived as did most. But 28 brave souls did not. I often question why God would let these natural disasters happen as I watch Irene battle the East Coast. I don't know why he chose for it to happen and I don't know why he picked who he did to join Him. I guess He does have a plan. I know it could have been worse. Yes, I lost my house and lots of belongings, and sure my school and my church, and my whole street was completly destroyed but we survived. I knew personally only 3 of the people who died that awful day and honestly not a day goes by that I still don't think of them. I won't write about my story again. You can read it here. I have shown these pictures before and I'm showing them again. This is what I can still see when I close my eyes everyday. It may have happened 21 years ago but it still seems like yesterday..the sights, the sounds, and the smells of that devestating day back in August of 1990.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gracie's 4 year and Evie and Presley's 18 month Pics!

I finally got around to posting Gracie's 4 year old pictures and Evie and Presley's 18-20 month pictures. Thanks to my good friend at Jessica Jill Photography,
this was a 2 session event. She was very patient as my kids didn't like to be posed too much. As you can tell in the first few shots, (1st time around) they were not too happy. (gee, I wonder where they get that from?) Anyways, 2nd time around went much better and I had even brought my mom and sister to help with hair, wardrobe, etc. I think they turned out darling and I spent a mini fortune ordering different sizes of all of them. Have a look!