Saturday, April 18, 2015

Random Fun!

So because I am not the greatest at keeping up with my blog lately, I have a post that just has a bunch of randoms things on it. They are all fairly recent events but still wanted to document them.
First up, Evie had a playdate a few weeks ago with her BFF Piper.  They had fun dressing up and got into my makeup!  But don't they look darling?

Next up, it was finally nice enough to start playing outside again, so we had to head to the park.

Back in March, we had a visit from a Leprechaun!  Yep, he left us a scavenger hunt with clues to look for the missing candy.

Gracie set a trap and he left us leprechaun poop!

They weren't sure about that when they found it the next morning.

My son is really my son because one day when we changed his sheets, he picked out these all by himself because he really likes the song "hanging tough."  Good choice Bub!

Over spring break, my BFF's and I went away for a girls night and went and saw the Thunder from down Under.  It was  fun, crazy time!

And the weekend after that, I had my thyroid removed because the dang thing just kept growing and wouldn't stop!

Presley started T-ball again for 2 nights a week and he couldn't be happier!  He loves his baseball! 

The girls also got their dance recital costumes.  The recital is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Their costumes are so cute!

Presley made a new friend at the park and even asked his name.  His name was Brayden. They played real well together and we found out he lives right next to the park so next time we are there, maybe we'll see him again. I was so proud of him!

We went to play at a different park and Dad and I boarded a train.

We'e been blessed to finally have some nice weather so we went on our first nature hike of the season.

Every bench we came to, we had to take a quick break.

The kids had fun throwing rocks into the water and watching the ducks.

We even found animal tracks!

And last week, Gracie had her 2nd grade musical.  It was called "under the sea" and it was darling.  She even had a small speaking part!  I was so proud of her.

She is in the front row, 3rd one from the left.  

Hoppy Easter!

Well another Easter has come and gone but we did have some egg-cellent fun!
First we made it to the mall to see the Easter Bunny!

Then we headed home to dye Easter eggs.

The kids really enjoy this but we went through nearly 4 dozen eggs in about 5 minutes.  

Check out all these eggs!  The only one that will actually eat them is Gracie.  Mommy does too!

That night we headed to bed early because the Easter Bunny was hopping our way.  The kids had lots of stuff in their baskets!
Here is Presley's.

Here is Gracie's.

Here is Evie's.  

Now I know what you are thinking.....but the bunny had lots of stuff left over from Black Friday deals and Christmas.

Chuck and I left these because again, what a deal, and they are great for practicing school things!

The kids found those in the morning and were pretty excited.

Then they found their baskets and got even more excited!

Gracie got a Doc McStuffins watch.

Bub got The Lego Movie soundtrack.

Gracie got the movie "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs."

And  a Kidz Bop CD she has been wanting and always gets from the library.  

Evie got lots of books because she loves to read and play school.  Some of these aren't even new, just not unpacked from moving last year!  Shhh....

The kids also got some new summer clothes.  Bub got a Toy Story shirt.
Gracie got a new Princess book.

Presley got a Big Hero 6 book.

I found a Bible story book too in the box.

The girls got new Frozen nightgowns for the summer.

Little Miss got some makeup.

Presley got some new swimming shorts.

Gracie got a Marvel shirt.

Evie got Elsa.

Bub got Avengers.

Evie got her first bikini.

Millie liked the new clothes too.

Then it was time for the egg hunt.  The Easter Bunny had hidden all kinds of eggs throughout the house.  The kids grabbed their buckets and ran.

They got quite a collection of jellybeans and money in those eggs!

Then it was time to head to Grandma and Grandpa'a house.  

We had another egg hunt waiting for us there!

Except at Grandma's, the bunny hides certain color eggs.  Gracie needs to find green, Presley needs blue, and Evie gets yellow.

They found quite a few more.

Then we needed to take some family pics.

And then it was time to see what was in all these eggs!

Grandma, Grandpa, and Amy also had some special baskets for the kids.  Gracie got a Girl Scout Barbie!

All of them got some fun Easter glasses.

Which the big kids has to try too!

The Easter Bunny left some Shrinky Dinks so we had to make those.

We played a little baseball.

Then it was time to bake our Shrinky Dinks.  

The girls had fun watching them shrink!

I love this picture!

This one is pretty good too!

The day was great and ended with the kids driving their buddy Colton around in the pink jeep.  He loves that thing!