Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gracie's Last Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Gracie's last day of Kindergarten!
I look back to her first day and can't believe that this school year is over already! 
Gracie has learned SO much this year.  She has learned to read, not only all her sight words, but she is reading books and she loves teaching Evie to read.  She can write her sight words and even write sentences complete with capitals and periods.  She knows how to count to 120, count by 5's, 10's, and 2's.  She can add and subtract.  She learned all about plants and animals and made so many good friends this year!  Her final report card came home today and she scored perfect in reading, writing, math, motor skills, and behavior.  The only thing we need to work on is knowing our address and phone number and well......we are going to be moving (that's another post) so we will have to start from scratch on that one anyways.
She still wants to be a firefighter and now she has added an artist to the list.  She loves drawing pictures and making and writing books so that is fantastic!  Her favorite thing she learned this year was subtraction.  I am so proud of my little girl!  I still can't believe she is going into first grade in a few months!
Today Gracie's class got to wear the tye-dye shirts that they made on their field trip last week.  Here is Gracie posing one last time with her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Traina.
And this is a special friend Gracie met this year too.  Her name is Parker and Parker would come and play with Gracie on Thursday mornings when I had meetings.
She had such a great school year that next year will be hard to top.  Although I know she has LOTS more to learn and more friends to make, I know it's going to be great!  She is so excited and I am too.  I'm so lucky that she gets to attend the school where I teach because I can see her grow right before my eyes! 
Great job on your year in Kindergarten Gracie!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation!

Today was another big day for Miss Gracie......She graduated Kindergarten today! 
Here is my little girl walking into the gym.
Our school has 2 Kindergarten classes but with the AM and PM thing, it's like 4 classes. Here they are.  I was lucky enough to be able to go since it was during the school day.  It was not only nice to see Gracie, but also all my little Daisy Girl Scouts.
Here's my graduate. All the other girl were wearing pretty dresses and Gracie, well, she has her own fashion sense.  This is what ended up on her today.
Here she is getting her certificate from her teacer Mrs. Traina.  We love her!
We still have school for a few days next week but I have a first grader on my hands.  Yikes!
My girl.
This was hanging up in the gym too.  Gracie has some pretty great wishes.  I hope these and many more come true for her.
So proud of my big girl!
Gracie and Lacey.
We are so proud of you Gracie!  We can't wait to see all the fun things you will learn in first grade!  
Daddy really took a great picture here. The name of the school is not even fully here.
After the ceremony, the kids had a picnic at the park down the road.  I couldn't go but Daddy was nice enough to take them.
Gracie and her friend Amber showing that they'll be in first grade next year.
How cute are they?
Tonight it was time for more celebration.  Of course we had to give Evie and Presley something too because they are off to preschool this fall too!
Gracie got a big bag full of school things so that she can play school (just like I did) and also have summer school too.  It was filled with workbooks, flash cards, certificates, stickers, borders, bookmarks, and games.  And a really cool word wall ring I made from Pinterest.
We have plenty to keep us busy this summer and getting ready for first grade!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gracie's Field Trip to Yogi Bear Park!

Today was a day that Gracie has been counting down for awhile.....her field trip to Jellystone Yogi Bear Park!
We boarded the bus this moring with the sun shining, hoping for a fun day!
I got to chaperone and I was excited too.  One of the girls in my group, Sasha and Gracie were super excited.
They were so organized there that they had stations all mapped out.  First up was painting ceramics.
The kids got to pick from unicorns, to dolphins, to turtles, to cars, and tanks.  Gracie chose a turtle.
And then it hit.....the rain. 
That took away some of our outdoor fun that included a nature hike, mini golfing, and a hayride.We did get to tye=dye shirts though!
Here's how Gracie's came out.  It was so fun!
So to make up for the outside time because of the rain, the rangers took us into the game room and gave us a nature talk in there.  They had all kinds of cool things to show us like how to tell how old a tree is, snake skin, muskcrat skulls and more.
Then the kids all got into a big circle and sand a bunch of camp songs.  It was so much fun!
Finally it was time to ear before we left for home.
Here are some of the girls from Gracie's class and lots of them are in my Girl Scout troop too!
What a great day!  It was even great with the rain.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dance Recital Day!

Today was the big day! The day my girls have been practicing for since January....the dance recital! My girls got their hair curled and makeup put on to look even more beautiful than they already are.  How cute are they? 
A proud brother showing off his pretty sisters.
Me and my kiddos.
Grandma and Grandpa couldn't wait for recital day either.
And the person who came eary to curl hair and fix the costumes so they weren't so itchy...Auntie Amy.
Here we are ready to go!

The show went great and the girls got flowers after it.  Both of them did so good. I am so proud of my little dancers.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dance Rehearsal!

Today was the big rehearsal day for my girls! Gracie and Evie got to get their hair all curled up and even put on makeup! They had rehearsals today for thier big show tomorrow at the Rialto.  This will be Gracie's 3rd recital! 
Bus this will be Miss Evie's first one!  Doesn't she look so grownup?
While we were waiting, Gracie ran into some of her friends from school there.  Here is Amber and her BFF Lacey.
This totally melts my heart.  Gracie knew what to do so she grabbed Evie's hand and showed her the way.
We found Gracie's seat and got her settled.
I was the helper parent for Evie's ballet class for rehearsals today.  I got to sit with her class and help them get ready.
Gracie was up first.  Since there are no pictures or videos allowed tomorrow, we got to take all we wanted today.  Here is my big girl ready to tap her little heart out.
It makes me tear up how old she looks in this.
Gracie's class was ready to practice.  They were tap dancing to "Be true to your school" by the Beach Boys. Super cute!
Gracie is all the way on the left if you haven't figured it out.

After Gracie's practice, Evie's class was almost ready to rehearse too.  We got to wait on the side backstage.
Here is her little ballet class of 3 year olds.
Evie is all the way to the left.
I was worried because my little ballerina wouldn't leave my side not even sitting in the seats.  But she danced her little heart out too!
I'm so proud of her!

She gets to lead the group around when they walk in a circle.  My big girl!
Evie's class got to dance to "California Dreaming" by the Mamas and the Papas.  Great song!
Seriously, are they not the cutest?
Immediately following rehearsal, they take you out to the lobby for pictures.  I'm telling you, my park district has this thing down to a science.  Here is Evie's class waiting to get their pics taken.
And here's my little ballerina with some of her dance friends, Madelyn and Ava.
So proud of both my girls.  They worked hard and did the best they could!  Tomorrow is the big day and I will be the proudest mommy in the audience!