Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Well Santa was definitely good to us this Christmas!  It was a very special Christmas for sure as we spent it in our new house!  
Check out all the loot!

Evie got a new "American Dolly" whose name is Evelyn!  She also got a dolly kitchen and table and chairs.

Gracie got a new easel with an art set and a dog called "Dancing Pumpkin".

Presley got a fort and a Transformers.  Santa also left an Imginex set but Santa was still building it when this picture was taken.

They all got a doll from Frozen and a new pillow which will come in handy for Mommy and Daddy when they are reading bedtime stories. 

The kids were up a little before 7.  Gracie was the first one up and she asked Chuck if Santa had been here.  He tried to get her to go back to sleep but then she decided she was hungry so she came down to check.  After that, we were all up!

The kids were trilled with their new toys!

First up was stockings.

Poor Evie was sick and had pink eye so she wasn't quite herself at first.

Millie even had toys from Santa in her stocking!

After some medicine, Evie started perking up and started playing with her toys.

Gracie tried out her dancing pumpkin dog.

Bub tried to build a new fort!

After trying out the gifts from Santa, it was time to open presents. 

Gracie got a new Lego set that is an art studio.  It is currently in pieces all over the kitchen.  

Presley got a new Rescue Bot.  The police man!

New games!

Gracie got a karaoke machine!  We have had this thing packed away for years. Finally, we deiced this was the year. She can read the words and it was a major hit!

Evie got a nail salon complete with sparkly nail polish.

Gracie got a new "American Dolly" too. Her name is Jenny and she is a baker!

Everyone got some new clothes.  Lots of Frozen shirts.  

Wow!  A new Iron Man!

A Frozen hoodie!

A new Llama Llama book!  Our favorite!

Gracie even got a new Marvel shirt!  Pink!  She has outgrown her other ones.

And she got an autographed copy of the book "The Girl with a Cape." It's a great book and the author came to our school this past fall.

Bub got his favorite figure....Hawkeye!

Daddy and Presley got matching Elvis shirts!  Kind of a tradition they get every year.

Holy presents Batman!  But this is the first year we have room for it all....

sort of.

After presents, it was time to sing karaoke.  

We  sang to the songs of "Frozen" and sang "Let it go" about 20 times.  

This is the mess that still awaits me.

After singing, we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa's.  Santa had come there too!  But first we had to show them some of our new presents!

He even stuffed our stockings at Grandma's!

But then we had to quick stop and watch them sing "Let it go" on the Disney parade.

Santa always brings so much stuff to Grandma's that it spills over into reusable bags every year!

Gracie got a new Sox hat.  Daddy sure loves that!

Presley got all kinds of goodies.

So did Evie.

And Gracie.

My parents beautiful tree!

Waiting patiently to open more gifts!

And go.....

Santa left Gracie a Brownie Girl Scout outfit for her Build-a-Bear!

Evie got Sophia's Royal Prep schoolhouse!

Gracie got a Playmobil Horse Show!

Presley was pretty excited.  He picked out this desk calendar for Grandpa all by himself.  

Gracie gave Grandma this pretty compact that says "Grandma" on it!

She also bought Amy this beautiful shell necklace!

Evie picked out some pretty pencils for Grandma!

And some lip gloss for Amy!

Grandpa got a book about playhouses!  Lots and lots of ideas in this bad boy including blueprints.  Hint, hint....

It was so precious to see the kids giving their gifts to everyone and begin so proud to give them. These are the moments I will cherish forever.  

Grandma and Grandpa finally got a Wii!  I see many bowling tournaments in the near future.

The kids decorated handkerchiefs for Grandpa. Gracie even made a special one that has everyone on it!  

Auntie Amy got aprons, including matching ones for the girls and cookbooks so they can bake!

We made Grandma a holiday handprint this year too.  It says "Jingle all the way to Grandma's house."

And my mom has been wanting canvases for a long time.  These are our pictures from last year that turned out super nice thanks to Jessica Jill Photography!

Amy had lots of gifts too.  

Bub got a Batman Imginex set.

Gracie got the Barbie Lego mansion.

Evie got a dolly set that you play school with.  

Grandma even got special car mats for her new mini!

Chuck got an Elvis Snuggi!

Grandpa got peanuts as he does every year and guess who had to open them right away?

In no time all the gifts were opened and there was a pile of paper.

We played in it!

And I was ready to nap in it.

Another great Christmas in the books.  I'm always sad to see it go but we made many memories that will last a lifetime!  
Merry  Christmas!