Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break!

We had a busy but fun spring break this past week! First off, Daddy left to work in Washington, IL for the week so we headed out to breakfast at our favorite place, Crispy Waffle, to see him off.  Gracie was more into reading her new Frozen chapter book instead.  She loves reading and I am so proud of her.
After that, we headed to the library so these two could get their very own library cards!  They were pretty excited.
I told them that now that they can write their names, it was time to get their own cards.

They look pretty proud of themselves!
Then it was off to get some books.  The rule is they can get as many books as they are old.  So Evie and Presley can get 4 books and Gracie can get 6.

Evie had hers in no time at all.
We had to search for some Ninja Turtle books for this guy.
Evie just looked at some covers and thought they would do.
Everyone even got to rent one movie too. Then it was computer time.

But of course we did stay and read too.
My big boy and girl!  So excited and proud of them!
One night over break, we had the Ogle boys come over.  I offered to babysit on my own because what's 2 more kids right?  It was fun and we all survived. Jackson loved camping on the floor in the kids bedroom and Benny was the best baby.
We took a spin by our new house since we close this week!  I can't wait for the kids to see it!
One rainy day we also met up with Jackson,Benny, and Baby Colton and went to the Children's Museum.  We had fun trying to make a big bubble.
We had fun playing with the water.

We had fun in the wind tunnel.
Benny had fun in his stroller.
We had fun climbling.
Colton had fun in the baby area.
We had fun building.

These two thought they were pretty cool hanging in the littles area.
We had fun playing with the ball tracks.

We had fun stting in the big chair.

The mommies did too.
We had fun in the boat.

We had more fun building things.
We had fun playing with the trains.
And buying tickets.
E had fun playing with the babies.
We had fun being train passengers.
We had fun riding the see-saw.
Then we went out to lunch and had fun riding the cow.

We had a fun spring break!  We are not sure about going back to school tomorrow but there's only 41 days until summer!  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Final Walk-Through!

Today was a big day.... Final Walk-Through baby!
We pulled up to see them putting the finishing touches on our home.  The front stoop was poured and the siding in the front and the blue shutters were being put on.  It looks beautiful.
Our address was even there!
We started our walk-through upstairs and worked our way down.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this laundry room.  It's on the 2nd story.  

Here is the view from the laundry room.  Presley's room is on the left.  Gracie's is on the right.  The other doorway on the right here is the toy room. Straight ahead is the master bedroom.  The hall bath and Evie's room are around the stairs.
Here is Presley's room.
Here is part of our master bedroom looking towards the closets and bathroom.
Here is the view from our bedroom door.  Straight ahead is laundry.
This will be the toy room.
Ah, a beautiful tub.
Our bathroom.
Lots of room in here.
My closet!
My bathroom again.  Or I mean Chuck and I's bathroom.
Looking from our closets and bathroom to the master bedroom.
Evie's room.
Here I am in the den facing out. To the left is the garage. To the right is the bathroom.
Hallway bath downstairs.
Check out what is going to be the mudroom area.  It looks into the den.
The great room.
The great room again.
The front door with a big coat closet.
The great room.
The great room.  It's pretty great isn't?
The family room.
The stairs and the hallway downstairs.
My awesome kitchen island.  Chuck was testing the doors.  That's Mike the construction guy.
Our kitchen.

Kitchen and family room.
Family room and kitchen.

Lots of space.

Closing is April 3rd! I really can't wait.  I can't wait for the kids to see it too!  I am so excited!!!!!  It looks beautiful and really only minor things were found today.  It certainly is a dream come true!