Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dance Recital Costumes!

The girls got thier dance recital costumes a couple of weeks ago. They are so super excited about the recital coming up on May 19th!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ABC Class!

The other day we were lucky enough to not have school the day after Easter so I got to take my little ones to ABC class! You know how I feel about my park distict and they have such great classes.  Evie and Presley have been enrolled all year thanks to my mom.  Grandma and Grandpa watch the kids for me on Mondays so while Gracie is off at Kindergarten, Evie and Presley head to school of their own.
The week that I took them, the letter was B so we had to bring something that starts with that letter.  Evie was so excited to bring her Brave doll.  Presley bought a ball.
They sat so good on the carpet to listen to the B story.
All the crafts and things start with the letter B too.  So we started off by painting butterflies.
Painting is always a favorite.
Then we stamped some bugs, lightning bugs, in a jar. I can't wait to catch some this summer.  I always did that as a kid.
Then we also got to use the dabbers to paint more butterflies.
I know playdough doesn't start with a B but that's always out to play with too.
Evie had fun stamping the letter B on a balloon.
We got to color a bunny too.
Then we used little prickly rings to paint fur on the bear. That's such a cool project.
Also, we put buttons on a big letter B.
Evie was so proud of her buttons.
My kids love the rice table.  
This is Miss Christina.  She is such a cool lady and my kids love her.  Plus, her and my mom go way back to the Scrapbook Lane days.
And it was super cool to find out that another set of twins are in the class.  This is Will and Emma.
And the mom of those twins is one of my friends from college, Sarah!  What a small world.  How fun!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


it was nice today! Like really nice.  (despite the fact that Evie is wearing her boots). We went to the park, we rode bikes, I started up Couch to 5k again, windows were open.  I only wish it would stay like this!  This fresh air and sunshine felt wondeful.  I even got a little suburn on my face.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Party Weekend!

Our weekend went something like this....

We had not one, but two birthday parties this weekend!  It was busy!  On Friday, we celebrated our friends Jacob and Luke's birthdays at Monkey Joe's. Jacob is six and Luke is 3.  On Saturday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Sean, who turned 5 and Mia who turned 3.  We had so much fun!  Between the parties and getting this house ready for pics for the realtor (more to come on that), I am one exhausted mama. 
Happy birthday to all our wonderful friends!  We had a blast!  Thanks for inviting us!