Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday was quite the most beautiful day to head out to one of our favorite pumpkin patches with all our friends.....
We love going to Dollingers because they have all kinds of fun buildings to play in.
Like this barn....
and this castle....
and this church, (even though we came from there)...
and the school!
Grandpa even had fun climbing in this castle!
And what kids don't like playing on hay?  Even Daddy joined in on the fun.
Baby Benny (who is 1 month old today!) came to his first pumpkin patch extravaganza!
We played on the hay with our buddies Gavin and Jackson.

We climbed the pirate ship too.
Ahoy mateys!
Baby Tessa and Baby Colton came out for the fun too!  Just imagine the fun next year when they are all running around!
Every year we take this picture.
All of kiddies getting so big!
We had lots of friends come meet us at the patch today.  We got to play with Gavin, Tessa, Colton, Emily, Sean, Mia, Sophia, Jackson, and Baby Benny!
I think they are used to this by now!

Evie of course had to hold all the babies.  She loves her some Baby Colton.
Presley had to hold his little buddy.  In fact the other day, he said Colton was "his buddy."  How sweet is that?
Evie also had to hold Baby Tessa.

Then we saw there was some face painting.  Guess who went first?
(ok not sure how this pic ended up in here but it's not from this day.  Not sure where it came from)
Auntie Amy came with us too.
Then Evie and Presley had to get their faces painted too.  Evie wanted one just like her big sis and Presley got his Ninja Turtle!  Actually he told me it was Raphael.
Gracie got to pet and hold a baby bunny.
There were so many pumpkins there but these are my favorite pumpkins of all.
The best thing about this pumpkin patch is that it's mostly free!  You can buy food or bring a picnic lunch and the train ride and hay ride cost money.  But there is so much all else you can do with the kiddies that doesn't cost money.  Not to mention all the great picture taking which are great memories every year.
Grandpa even got himself in on the Baby Colton action. He must have been the baby whisperer because he fell asleep.
We had to walk out to take a train ride too so my girls were so sweet about holding hands on the way there.
And my favorite pic was when they were holding Daddy's hands.
We made it out to the train ride and these guys rode in the caboose.
Baby Colton took his first train ride too. Doesn't he look excited?  
And then my kids had to go in the corn maze.  Now the last time we were in one, it took awhile to get out. They had to take turns being the leaders but eventually we did find our way out.
Then my pumpkins were begging to get some real pumpkins to take home.

So we loaded up a cart and bought some to take home and evetually carve.  
I heart fall!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pumpkins and Planes!

This weekend we had so much fun! We did some really cool things. 
For starters, we headed out to Heap's Pumpkin Farm.  We have never been there before but Grandma Patti works there so we went to see her!  We played in the fun barn and got to climb all over some hay. 

Then we played in these corn containers.  Evie kept losing her shoes.
Gracie and Evie decided to make corn angels.  Do you know how dusty it was?  Glad I dressed Gracie in white pants!
You could climb through the tunnels into different containers.  
After we dusted ourselves off, we went and saw this cute baby cow.
Then of course we had to take our pics by all kinds of signs.

This little diva is all about posing for pics lately.  She was excited to play in the corn.
Presley fell in love with this big tractor.
Next we got to go in this corn maze.
It was really tough.  I think you could easily get lost. It took us awhile to get out. At night they make it haunted.  I don't think I would enjoy that at all.
We tried the bean maze next.  It was a little bit easier but it was HUGE!
Gracie ran ahead.  At least you could kind of see her.
Bub ran ahead too.  He thought he was pretty cool.  Afterall, he was he one who led us out of the corn maze.
Then we went on a hayride.
It took us out to the pumpkin patch.  There were tons of pumpkins growing all over the place.  The guy said they grow 30 different kinds of pumpkins! I didn't even know there was that many!
We found some huge ones too!
They were so big, they were hard to climb on!
Presley begged to get this one.  Not sure we'd be able to carry that one!
When we got back, we found all these turkeys! They were gobbling all over the place. We told them we'd see them at Thanksgiving!  Ha!
And of  course, we had to get some pumpkins.  We got little ones for now.  If you want reasonable priced pumpkins, go to Heap's!
After we got home, we broke out the paints and painted our pumpkins.
Gracie made a witch!
And today after church, we headed to the Joliet Airport because they were having a kid fest!  They had all kinds of planes out to check out.
But then we saw you could go on a plane ride!  We signed up right away!
It was a little plane.  The girls and I sat in the back.  Evie was a little nervous.
Grandpa sat in front with Presley on his lap.
He was a little nervous too.
We took off and wow!  You could see SO much.  It was so cool!
It was a beautiful day for flying!
You could even see the outline of Chicago from Joliet!
There's downtown Joliet.  You can see Harrah's in the middle there.
We saw St. Joe's too!  
Thanks Grandpa!  He just made everyone's day by letting us fly on the plane!
We had to see some more planes.  Since we just recently saw the Disney movie of "Planes", Presley kept asking where Dusty the Cropduster was.
Little Miss posing by this cool plane.

They even had a helicpoter there too!

After all the plane excitement, we got to go in a fire truck too!

And then we got to go in this vehicle and pop our heads out the top.  I think it might be like a SWAT team vehicle?

And also on our way out, we even got to drive some of our own planes.

What a fun weekend!  Beautiful weather for my beautiful family to make some beautiful memories!