Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas in Highland!

We got to celebrate Christmas with Chuck's side of the family pretty close to Christmas this year. We went down last weekend for one last Christmas bash!
Uncle Frog played Santa and passed out all the gifts.

The kids were pretty exited about more presents.

Evie got to open first because she is the youngest by 1 minute.  She got a mini Hello Kitty dream light and a tummy-stuffy unicorn.  

Presley went next.  

He got a Ninja Turtle and a remote control car.

Gracie was next and she got a pink poodle Fur-Real Friend and a Wubble.

I got the best teacher sign ever!  

Uncle Frog got lots of presents too.

Daddy tried on the tummy-stuffy.

Papa came for a little bit but he was sick so he didn't stay long.  At least the kids got to see him.

They had fun running around Uncle Frog's house all day playing with the kids. They started winding down though later.

Gracie had fun playing with Sydney and Maddie.  The girls are all about the same age and I have a picture of them playing together when they were 1 too!  

All the kids one last time together before we took off.

We had so much fun and it was great to see everyone!  It's always a lot to cram into a weekend but it was worth it!  Thanks for having us Frog and Christie!  Hope to see everyone again soon!

Winter Break!

We had a pretty relaxing and fun winter break around here. Although we have been back for two days, we are already off school due to cold today. But I wanted to share some of the things we did.
For one, Presley did this.  He couldn't wait for me to open some of his boxes the day after Christmas so he took grown-up scissors and cut himself which ended up needing to be glued together.  I think it's safe to day he learned his lesson.

The kids went bowling one day to celebrate our cousin Blake's birthday!

It was a Batman party and the kids loved it!  

There was one day after being home for many days, where things got a little dicey.  Gracie was in trouble for fighting (again) so she wrote me this note.

But don't worry because later that night, it was all good.

And as of January 1st, it's Girl Scout Cookie Time!  

Both girls wanted to try a new dance class this winter so Gracie signed up for Poms and Evie will be trying tap dance!

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year!
We started out the last day of 2014 by getting together with our friends and doing a "counting down to noon-year" with them!  We went to Jessica's and the kids got busy making shakers.

And all the mommies toasted to the new year.  It's not your dads root beer you know!

We put on a countdown on tv and the kids got ready!

Shakers in hand.

10...9....8....7....6.....5.....4.....3.....2.....1.....Happy new year!

Jackson was not impressed with the noon countdown.  He told us it's not the real thing.

Happy Noon Year!

The kids had fun though!

We even let them do poppers!

Later that night, we went to Lindsay's to party some more.  The kids watched some movies.

Benny caused some trouble.

Colton made crazy faces.

The adults played a game of Cards Against Humanity.

And everyone had fun but Uncle Mark took the game very seriously.

Happy New Year!