Sunday, September 28, 2014


So today we went to the Kids Fest at the Joliet Airport by our house. We went last year and it was so much fun!  We started out by going in all kinds of cool vehicles.  We started out in the ambulance.  Hopefully we will never have to ride in one. Our buddy Colton came too and he got to sit on the stretcher.

Then we got to go in the SWAT truck.

And even poke our heads out of the top.

Is this not the cutest little fireman you've ever seen?

We all got fire hats and got to go in the back of the fire truck.  

But the best part was we even got to drive it. For pretend of course.

Bub was digging the planes.  He thought they were pretty cool like this war plane.

He liked this one too.  

And this one.  I think he just liked all the blue planes.

We checked out this old airport fire truck.  

And randomly Chuck E. Cheese was there.

And then because we just couldn't wait any longer.....we had to buy tickets for a plane ride!

And we waited.  We waited for like an hour.

During that hour, we did get to see the war plane take off and land.

Finally it was our turn!

The girls and I rode in the back.

The boys rode up front with the pilot.  

We rode last year too and it was really cool.  We got to see all of Joliet from up there.  The weather was beautiful so you could see pretty far.

Gracie was just like "this is awesome!"

Presley was a little nervous up front though.

How cool is that?

Someone else just couldn't stop smiling.

I think he was ready to get back to land.

It was another fun day!  


It may only still be September but we hit the pumpkin patch up this weekend as the weather as been incredibly nice. It was a good thing we picked that day because it was not very crowded.  I know we are rushing the season but we love fall!  We go to Dollinger's every year because mainly it's free, but the kids love it too.  They have the cutest little buildings that they love to play in and it seems like every year they add one more.  Presley was pretty proud of himself that he could go down the pole all by himself this year!  

Gracie wanted to play school.

And all of them went to church!  

My little pumpkin.

Play on the hay is always fun too.

Especially when you get to jump from bale to bale.

We had fun petting the bunnies.

And the pirate ship is always our favorite .  Arg!

Every year I take their picture by this sign.  Every year they keep getting taller.  Sniff.

We like petting the other animals too like the goats and the cow.

These two.

We had fun pumping water.

I had fun with my wild bunch.

The teepee was fun too.

And so was petting the horses.

And we had to take a train ride of course.

We also just couldn't wait to get our pumpkins!

And even though we got 4 big ones, I still have the cutest 3 pumpkins ever!

Especially this guy who likes to couldn't stop sliding down the poles.

And this girl who is my little scarecrow.

Oh, and Presley wanted me to make sure I took his pic while he was jumping on the hay.

It was fun.  Just the 5 of us.  But I'm sure we'll go back at least 5 more times!