Monday, August 7, 2017

Girl Scout Camp!

A few weeks ago, both of my girls went to Girl Scout Camp!  Gracie went last year and this was Evie's first year.  The camp is in Woodridge so I paid a little extra to send them on an bus so I didn't have to drive them everyday.  Gracie was in a Junior Green Girls Camp.  And Evie was in a Brownie Sampler.  They both seemed to have a lot of fun.  Both got to cook a meal at camp and Gracie even camped out on Thursday night and slept in a yurt!  One of my friends volunteered so she posted pics that I copied so most of them are from her.
Here are the girls on the first day!
Evie's friend Piper went too.  They are the only 2 from our Brownie troop that went.

But Bella and Ashley also signed up to go. They are in the other Brownie troop.

Gracie's friends Jackie and Meryn went.

Here are all the girls from Wesmere that went to camp.

I snapped a quick pic on the bus on the first day.  All the girls wanted to sit in the back.
Here are Evie and Piper at camp.

They got to make crafts.

The older girls were learning about all kinds of cool things.

Here they are waiting to go home.

One day Evie's group made their own lunch. They made garlic bread, noodles and mud in a cup.

She said it was pretty good!

They also played all kinds of games.

They tye-dyed shirts one day too.

She was so proud of this craft!

Here are the big girls with all their camping gear!

They got really cute shirts and patches this year too!

On the last day, they signed each other's shirts.

These two sure had fun!

Here is Gracie getting off the bus after her campout.

I think all the girls had fun.  Hopefully they will want to do it again next year!

Summer Fun!

This summer is just flying by!  We've managed to squeeze in some fun things though.
Presley went to his friend Tyler's birthday party. They got to go to Sky Zone and jump and then go back to Tyler's house for pizza.

My friends and I finally did a paint and sip night.  There is a cute place by our house so we signed up to paint and have drinks while doing it. I think we all did a fantastic job!
The same night I was painting, there was a storm that came through.  I came home to find these two sleeping in the basement on an air mattress.  As much as I have tried to control myself with weather issues, I think it's rubbing off on my kids.

We went out for drinks for Lindsay's birthday!

Gracie even took a painting class at the same place as me!  She chose to paint the monkey.  Jackie did it with her too. They turned out darling!

Decendants 2!

So a couple of years ago, Disney came out with a movie called Decendants.  Well now 2 years later, they made the second one.  My kids are Disney Channel obsessed so they have been playing it up for months!  We wrote it on our calendar and invited friends over for the party.  The morning of, Evie was teaching her dolls all about it.

I admit, I got a little crazy with the decorations.  But it was so fun and I was looking forward to it too!

I made rotten to the core apples.

Meryn and Piper brought a cookie cake!

Soon our friends arrived. We made some pizzas and ate before the movie started.

Then the time came!  They counted down the seconds until it started.

The kids were all so excited and for the most part sat and watched the movie.  Even Presley was into it!

I didn't get to sit and watch it that night but I did the next day and everyday from then on.  It is really cute and at the end, Uma reveals that there will be a third one! My kids loved it and now that's all we watch or listen to!