Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Christmas in Highland!

So every February, we always make a special trip to Highland to have Christmas.  Why? Because it's too crazy before Christmas to make the trip and we always wait until President's weekend because it's a longer weekend.
The kids were excited to of course get more presents.
Evie was the youngest so she got to open first.
She got a new doll!  Right up her alley!

 She also got some new outfits to go with it!

Presley was next.  You know because he is only a minute older than his twin sister.

He got a catapult thingy.  

Gracie was next.  
She got some cat slippers.

And some gas game.

The weather was actually pretty mild while we were down there.  So the kids got to actually play outside and they had fun jumping on the trampoline.

One of the days down there, we went to a flea market.  Evie had the biggest corndog I ever saw!

When we got back, the kids had fun taking Sable and Dory for a walk. 

And on our last day there, we met for lunch and a bar.  Here are the kids.

But Papa and Grandma Vicky came and we got a pic with them.

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