Saturday, August 5, 2017

Michigan Vacation-Day 3-Mackinac Island!

Day 3 of vacation we traveled to Mackinac Island!  This is one of my favorite places!  It's so pretty.  It's way up north in Michigan and on the island there are no cars so you have to take a ferry to get there.  So we checked into our hotel and got on the ferry.  Just look how pretty! This is Lake Huron.
You can see the Mackinac Bridge.

It was a beautiful day!

Presley was scared his hat would blow off so he took it off.

We saw people parasailing.

You could see the island.

Getting closer!

This is the Grand Hotel.

Lots of beautiful houses!

And we arrived!

Look how cute!

This is the downtown.  Bikes everywhere!

This is the fort that you can tour but we didn't do that this time around.

But we did rent bikes. You can rent bikes by the hour and bike around the island. It's 8 miles around the island so that's what we did.  Good thing everyone now rides a two-wheel!

It was so, so pretty!  I couldn't stop taking pictures as you can see!

We walked up these steps to see the arch rock.

And me and the kids were the only ones who made it.  It was hard but we did it!

We saw some horses up there so the kids had to pet them.

We stopped a couple times on our bike ride to skip rocks, test the water, and look around.

I could do this bike ride everyday.  So peaceful!

My loves.

Grandpa was teaching Presley how to skip rocks.

Lots of beautiful houses around the island too.  Some are bed and breakfasts and some are just the homes of some really rich people.

There's even a school on the island!

So beautiful!

And soon we were back to the downtown and ready to walk around.

We walked over to the Grand Hotel. It's pretty fancy.  They charge just to walk in their gardens or on their deck!

But it sure is beautiful!

Soon we boarded the ferry  back.

This is on the car ride to Mackinac.  Grandpa was sleeping.

Bub and I were getting tired of being in the car.

This was by far, my favorite part of our trip!

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