Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Field Trip to Yogi Bear!

This past spring I was lucky enough to be picked to go on the first grade field trip to Yogi Bear with my littles.  Evie and Charlotte were in my group.
And so was Presley and Tyler.

It was a gorgeous day!

We got to do all kinds of fun things including tye-dying shirts.

Then we got to go on a nature hike.

The guide taught us about poison ivy.

And talked about different types of trees.

These two were so cute.

Then we got to see all kinds of fossils and bones and things like that.

One of the cooler things was this turtle shell.

Then after that, it was time for ceramics.

The kids all got to choose and paint their own piece!

Then we took a class picture.

Even one with Yogi Bear himself!

These two weren't in the same group but had fun anyways.

We got to play some games.

We even got to go mini golfing!

The last thing we did was take a hay ride around the campground.

We learned some cool songs and had so much fun!

After that, it was time to head back to school! 

What a fun field trip!

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