Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Running Club 5k!

Gracie once again joined the running club at school.  This is her third time doing it.  She loves it and they train twice a week for like 5 weeks to do a 5k.  The day of the 5k came and Evie made this darling sign.
Gracie and her friend Lily were ready!

Meryn was excited too!

Here is Gracie's group of friends all getting ready for the race to start.

Gracie and Jackie ready to run!

So while the race started, we found seats and Evie held up her sign!

There she goes!

Here she comes!

Closing in on the finish!

Almost there!
And she did it!  And the cool part was she beat her old record!
The runners all got ice cream after that race, a medal, and a bag full of goodies.

I'm so proud of my little runner!

Mr. Parrott was the coach and Gracie's 2nd grade teacher.

And the 3 musketeers showing off their well-earned medals!

Good job girls!

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