Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer Randoms!

This summer was crazy busy but also  crazy fun!
At the beginning of summer, Presley got to go celebrate Jackson's birthday.  He wanted me to take a picture of his awesome card he made.
We joined the pool again this summer and this guy is finally going underwater and has turned into quite the fish  since last year!

We spend a lot of days at the pool!

The kids tried their hand at fishing.  Presley caught the most fish.

We went to a bake shop where the kids got free cupcakes for "Meets" on their report cards!

Presley went to a week of Boy Scout Camp!  He loved it.  Jackson went too but he wasn't in the same group as they divided them by pack.

He did all kinds of things like make crafts, play games, try archery and he even got a cool shirt!

The kids took swimming lessons at our pool.  There are only 2 other kids in class besides them so it's decent.

We had lots of playdates and played at the park a lot. 

Our friends also joined the pool with us.  Evie and Piper love playing together at the pool!

The kids also did VBS this year.  The theme was superheroes and they seemed to really like it.


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