Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother/Daughter Night!

Last weekend we had our very first Mother/Daughter Adventure Night at school! It was so much fun! Everyone came like beachy or dressed for vacation. There were backdrops with photo props for different places. There was pizza and snow cones! The girls could even make a sand art necklace! The girls had so much fun. They received a photo album as a gift filled with coupons to get nails done, hair cut, etc. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Since I signed up to help, we came early and got to take pics with our friends!

A Mommy and Evie selfie!

Of course there was a hula hoop contest and all the girls had to enter!

Gracie came in 3rd. 

Evie wanted me to take her picture at the different places.

Her and her BFF Piper.

Gracie and Mommy.

The girls dancing to the beat!

Us with the Bartons!

Evie was such a dancing girl that night!

She wanted me to take this action shot of her doing some sort of kick jump thing.

Me and my girls!

Then the girls got ahold of my camera.

It was a great night and I had so much fun with my girls!  I love them so much!

First Baseball Game!

My little baseball player had his very first baseball game the other day! He plays on the Mets and Chuck is one of the coaches.  Here is the star warming up! 
They had a quick team meeting to go over rules.

Look how handsome he looks in his baseball uniform!

He even has his name on the back! 

Here he is carrying his bag to the dugout.

His team sitting on the bench.

I love this!  I am such a proud mama!

Waiting for the game to start!

My boy waiting on deck to bat!

Ready to hit a homerun!

He also played catcher this week.  Every game they will play a different position.

So proud of my little slugger!   He is so excited and loves it!

For our first game, we played the Cardinals.  We don't keep score.  Each player gets  chance to bat and run the bases without getting out.  Then we switch. That's an inning.  The coach pitches 4 balls and if they still haven't hit it, they bring out the tee.  So everyone played well.  We high-fived after the game!

We also met to tell each other how well we all played! 

Go Mets!

Dacne Recital Costumes!

The girls got their dance recital costumes the other day! Their recital is coming up!  This year they are in the same Pom class!  They are dancing to a Madonna song so their costumes are 80's. Totally cute right?

Spring Break Fun!

Our spring break was not very warm. It was cold and rainy a lot of the time so one day we went to have fun at Haunted Trails! We listed to some fun stories and ate pizza. Then we got a deal on bracelets to play games and ride some rides.   The little ones love their Skeeball!
The boys had fun playing laser tag.

Levi and Evie had fun riding this crazy ride.

All the kids loved this ride too!

The boys must have played laser tag like 20 times!  They kept going back in! 

We were there for like 5 hours!  Totally worth the money!