Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happy 9th Birthday Evie and Presley!

It’s Fine Being Nine
Happy Birthday Presley boy
How are you already nine?
It’s seems like yesterday I held you in my arms
And called you baby mine

It’s been fun watching you grow through the years
You certainly are turning into quite the man
And when it comes to you playing baseball,
I am and will always be your biggest fan

This year you played on the Brewers and the Pirates
You are awesome at pitching, first base, and shortstop
You take all the games seriously
And you always come out on top

This summer you even made the traveling team
The Plainfield Tornadoes was your name
You did great despite the heat
Because we spent lots of weekends at a game

That is one of your favorite things to do
But you have other things you like too
Like playing video games and shooting nerf guns
And spending time with your tablet on You Tube

You still love the Cubs and Rizzo
And your favorite color is still blue
You started playing intermurals at school
And you’ve played kickball so far too

You are doing well in school
And you are now in third grade
Mrs. Held is your teacher
You really have got it made

You have got lots of friends
Ethan and Jackson are some of your best
But also Scotty, Levi, Tyler, and Luke
And there’s too many more to name the rest

You are finally wearing your glasses
And you look handsome in them too
You have a causal sense of style
But definitely love your Nike shoes

I can’t wait to see what you do with yourself
You are smart, funny, and kind
You will make a difference in the world one day
And I will be there to watch you shine

Happy birthday to my Presley
I can’t imagine my life without you
I love you so much
And you’ll always be my favorite boy too.
It’s Fine Being Nine

How are you nine Evie Girl?
It seems like yesterday you were my baby
How I wanted another girl so bad
And I thought to myself “just maybe”

You are turning in to a beautiful young lady
You are smart, pretty, and kind
Your love to play Barbies
And play with your dolls to help you unwind

You tried dance and cheerleading this year
And loved both of them very much
You went to the camps and performed at the games
And all the smiles during these was a bunch

You still love decendents
And your favorite color is still pink
You have a sense of fashion
And always ask what I think

You love to wear makeup
And accessorize with earrings and other things
You are taking after your aunt
And love to show off your bling

Right now your teacher is Mrs. Held
And you are in third grade this year
You are doing very well
And rocking your multiplication facts dear

You love to read books
There’s never enough
You go through them so fast
Even when they are a little tough

You are silly too
And always make me laugh
You are very creative like me
And like to make crafts

You are shy but have lots of friends
Piper is your Bff
But there’s also Fiona, Charlotte and Sophia
And too many more to name the rest

I know you will be something great someday
The world is going to need you
I know you will have lots of babies
Because you’ll make a great mama too

I love you so much
More than you’ll ever know
And I will always be with you
Where ever you go

Happy birthday Evie Beanie
Keep showing the world your smile
Never change who you are
And stay young for awhile

Sunday, August 5, 2018

History Fair!

5th grader get to put on a history fair every year.  They choose a famous historical person, research them, make a backboard, and dress like them.  Then the parents come and walk around and they talk to us like they are that person.  It really is pretty neat and the kids really get into it!  Here is Gracie with Emma, Lily, and Meryn.

Gracie decided to do Susan B. Anthony.  She worked with Grandma and her scrapbook skills to make her board and come up with a costume.

Here is Grandma meeting Susan.

I walked around and talked to some of her friends.  

Lily was George Washington.

Meryn was Daniel Boone.

Jackie was Phillis Whetley.

Emmaline was Pocahontas.

Kate was Mary Todd Lincoln.

Gracie had a lot of visitors at her booth.

I'm not sure who Ellie was.

Allison was Abigail Adams.

Apparently these historical women were friends in real life.

It was so fun and interesting!  The kids had so much fun doing this!

Gracie's Choir Concert!

One of the things kids in 5th grade can do is choir.  Gracie would spend recess time practicing singing.  She did really well and was so excited.  Mr. Carlson is a great music teacher!
Her friends were in it too-Ellie, Jackie, and Sonya.

Quilt Show!

Gracie has been working hard with Grandma on making her own quilt for the quilt show.  She wanted a rainbow and ended up going with this Eric Carle theme.  It turned out really cute!

We walked around the quilt show and looked at all the quilts.  The kids picked out ones that they like that they want to make with Grandma.  We also found other quilts that Grandma made.

We also found Bub's Cubs quilt.

And Evie's princess one.

Grandma made this really cool one too.

We even found Gracie's Shopkins quilt!

And Grandma made this one for all of us to enjoy!

We are so lucky to have a grandma who is so talented!

Skating Party!

WE had a our first skating party for school.  My kids tried skating last year and LOVED it and we have gone a couple of times.  But they were so excited when they found out school was having one.  SpongeBob even made an appearance!

Valentine's Day!

The Valentine Fairy visited our house this year.  She left some goodies for the kids.

We also had a dance at school.  I caught my littles posing in the photo booth with some of their friends.  Here is Presley with Chase and Ethan.

Me and my Evie.

Evie and her friends being silly.

It's Evie with Piper, Noelle, and Charlotte.

Wolfie even made an appearance.  He is our school's mascot.

Colton even stopped by for some Valentine love from his girlfriend.