Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Met Tom Skilling!

The other day was the 25th anniversary of the Plainfield tornado. It hit in 1990 and my life was forever changed. I lost my house, school, and church and sadly even lost people I knew. It was something I will never forget. I have posted on my blog several times about my experience and shared pictures.  It is still hard to talk about and it was a very emotional ceremony.  Because it was a such a traumatic experience, I wanted to be part of this ceremony.  I was interviewed and allowed to tell my story. I shared photos and newspaper clippings that I had saved.  I also volunteered to be part of the ceremony.  I handed out flyers and books and talked to the Herald News.  
Here is the memorial to that we remember the 29 souls who lost their lives to mother nature that day.

It was full of people including reporters such as this guy here....Tom Skilling!

The ceremony itself was bittersweet.  It was a chance to remember the victims and celebrate community.  
After the ceremony, there was a presentation at the high school with Tom Skilling, Steve Baskerville from channel 2 and meteorologist Tom Servatka.  They discussed how weather forecasting has changed since that terrible day in August of 1990.  They discussed how it was like a wake up call to to meteorologists.  They still use it to help them to this day as our tornado still remains the only F5 tornado in the U.S. in August.  All of them were very good speakers.  Tom even choked up talking about it and it was very emotional to watch and listen.  He really takes that storm to heart.

Afterwards, I waited around because I wanted to meet my weather idol Tom Skilling.  I took a picture of Steve while I waited.

After I was surprised to get invited to a special dinner with some of the committee members, Father Medow (who married us), and Tom Hernandez (my school district's community relations person) and Tom Skilling himself!  We went to Hop Scotch and Vine in downtown Plainfield.  I was starstruck.  You see I watch this man every night to see his weather report.  His weather reports blow my mind and you can see his passion for the weather come out in his newscast.  

Meeting him meant a lot to me.  I swear that if I wasn't a teacher, I'd be in meteorology too.  I became super interested in weather after the tornado and still am.  He is so knowledgeable about it and we talked weather for like 2 hours!  I could listen to him talk all day. 

He is the most genuine, kindest person I have ever met.  He just is so positive and upbeat and full of compliments to everyone he meets.  He was commenting on the decor of the restaurant and the food.   

I even got to sit next to him at dinner.  We both had chicken that was delicious.  All though I had some beers, Tom drank pop.  Again, super excited.  He talked mostly through dinner and I just sat in awe.  He likes to talk and that's why the presentation ran over quite a bit.

When it was time to wrap things up, I asked for one last quick selfie with my idol.  It seriously made my night.  Heck, it made my year!  

He is super cool and I am one of his biggest fans!  I can't say enough good things about Tom!  Thank you the library especially Tina for allowing me to help and allowing me to be a part of this special dinner.  I am eternally grateful for this opportunity.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Gracie Broke Her Arm!

Well it's been quite an exciting few days around here....Gracie broke her arm on Thursday night.  I was at open house at school and Chuck was at work.  She was at my parents with my dad and Evie and Presley.  Apparently, they were playing outside. They were running around and Presley tripped over a stick which caused Gracie to trip over him.  This is what happened.

I had a thousand texts and calls about at emergency.  I rushed to the E.R. and found my girl like this.

She broke both bones in her arms, the radius and ulna I believe they are called.  The people at the E.R. had to put her in a temporary cast until we met with an orthopedic.  

She even got a little sling.  The poor thing had to get at IV and then morphine in order for them to set the bones back in place. Ouch!  She was brave though and just wanted to go home.

It was a long weekend to wait and try to keep her from moving around too much.  Today we went and saw the orthopedic.  After days of talk about a hot pink cast, she chose blue today.  Apparently it is her 5th favorite color.

She was pretty excited to get the cast and now can't wait for everyone to sign it.

So if you happen to see this chick out and about, chance are she will have a Sharpie on hand so you can sign her cast!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gracie's 8th Birthday Pics!

I know I'm late in posting Gracie's 8th birthday pics. They turned out super cute as usual thanks to Jessica Jill Photography! After the pictures, there is also a copy of the poem I wrote her when she turned 8.

It’s Great to be 8!

It’s hard to believe that I met you 8 years ago Of course you didn’t come on time
But you were worth the wait
I didn’t mind.

You were 8 pounds full of life
I noticed your blue eyes right away
And of course you had some red hair Just laying eyes on you, took my breath away

We took you home and adjusted to life
It wasn’t always easy with you as a baby
But soon you learned to walk and talk
And then became a big sis and things got a little crazy

Soon you were big enough to go to school And time really started to fly by
How is it that you are going to be in 3rd grade?

That happened in the blink of an eye
Everyday you always seem to amaze me You are so smart and know a lot You love to learn all kinds of things And I hope that will never stop

Your favorite subject is math
And you love to read books
You read all kinds especially rainbow fairies And American girls with their good looks

You love to make crafts
And science experiments you think are fun You are also a very talented writer Your creativity is never done!

Your favorite movie is Frozen
And your colors are purple and pink You love to eat grilled cheese and pop tarts

But you really love cookies the best I think

You love to play Barbies
And you love to help Amy bake
But I think what you really like best
Is licking the bowl of whatever you make

You are involved in a lot of stuff too Math Olympics, Running Club, and Chess You are also in a Brownie Troop
But Poms I think is what you liked best

You have many friends
You are very kind and sweet
You can still be very shy
But you are nice to everyone you meet

Watching you grow
Is such a blessing for me to see Because you are one of my greatest gifts

That God has ever given to me

Always remember to go for your dreams
I am so proud of all the things you have done Don’t be afraid to reach your goals
Do what makes you happy and have fun.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday
It’s going to be fun being 8
I love you so much my Gracie Girl
I hope all your wishes come true and are great!

(written for Gracie for her 8th birthday 6/29/15) 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The First Day of School!

Last week we started school....

The night before we had to paint our nails

and read the book "The Night Before Kindergarten."

The next day it was up early because somehow we have a 3rd grader and 2 Kindergartners!  How is that possible?

Here is my grown-up 3rd grader!

And these two?  They are headed off to Kindergarten whether I am ready for it or not.

We made our annual boards and the kids were excited!

We had to show off our new backpacks too!

Our family just keeps getting older!

Grandma and Grandpa had to come over and take pics too!

So did Auntie Amy.

The nice thing about this year is that all the kids will be at my school where I teach!  Every morning I will bring them all with me to work.  No more extra stops in the morning!
It was an exciting morning to be walking into school.

One of the perks of working where my kids go to school is that I can take more pics!
Here are Evie and Presley in front of their classroom door.
And it's superhero!  Right up their alley!

This is Mrs. Ansel and she is Evie and Presley's teacher.  She is fabulous!

This is Gracie with her teacher Mrs. Held.  She is my BFF and also Gracie's BFF's mom.  

Here are the two partners in crime.  Holly and I split the girls up this year.  It will be good for them.  They can still play before and after school and at recess.

One last selfie before the bell rings.  This mama was getting a little teary eyed.

Soon the bell rang.   Gracie ran off without a second look but I walked these two down to the gym for the first day.  We met up with Piper who will also be in their morning Kindergarten class.

After school, I met up with them again.  Daddy came to pick them up and it was all smiles!

Everyone survived the first day!

We'll get back into our school routine soon and all I can say is that the Weiss family is now taking over Wesmere!