Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday was Father'd Day! And like every Father's Day, we created some of our own crafting.

I took this picture a week ago to make for Chuck and my dad.  The kids already have capes and they love superheroes (plus I saw this on Pinterest) so it we made it.  I think it turned out pretty cool.

And because Chuck works EVERY Father's Day, we take him lunch to work.  
Yum!  McDonald's!

But we did give him our presents and he loved them!

While the other two were all about making Daddy feel loved, this one only wanted to play on his phone.

But we eventually got her to take a pic.

Presley colored Daddy some great pictures!

After lunch with Daddy, we went mini golfing with Grandpa! 

We went to Haunted Trails.  It's a mini golf place close to our house.  

The kids did pretty good.  It was exciting to be able to pick out the color golfball you wanted. It went better than last year and Gracie even got a hole in one!

We had to take turns  going first.  

This corse was really fun because you hit your ball into the haunted house and it comes out a pipe over to the side.

Evie may not be our most athletic child, but she sure is a cute little golfer!

Gracie and Grandpa had a pretty close game.

Presley kept swinging his club like it was a baseball bat.  We kept telling him not so hard.  In fact, he couldn't stand to wait for the ball to stop rolling before he wanted to swing at it again.  

After some golfing in the hot sun, it was time to cool off at Grandpa's house. We set up the waterslide.

This thing has been with us for two years but sadly, it had a hole so this was the last day for it.

We cooled some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and even had corn on the cob!  Then we gave Grandpa his presents.  Again Presley colored some beautiful pictures.

We gave Grandpa a new book to read to him!

And we gave him some pictures too!  

We are so lucky to have these two in our lives!  I don't know what we'd do or where we would be without them.  Love you guys!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Stuff!

This summer has been super fun already!
For one, we joined a pool the summer!  It's pretty exciting!  It has a zero-depth pool, a kiddie area, some waterslides, and a sand area too.  The kids love it!

We also went and signed up at the library for summer reading!

The kids love getting new books!

We hit up some garage sales and Evie had to buy this Princess kitchen with her own money.  She scored a deal was only $3 and it talks!

The girls dance pictures came in and turned out totally adorbs!

We saw a beautiful rainbow one day.

Gracie went to a science camp at the Morton Arboretum where she learned about birds, bats, and butterflies.

Grandma took her.

We've been spending a lot of time at the pool swimming and it is just so much fun!  We went one night and nearly had it to ourselves!

The kids do great swimming with their floats and they really love it when Daddy can join us!

Gracie had so much fun at science camp last week and made so many new and cool things including a bird house, a bat, and a butterfly life cycle mobile.

Bub decided to cut his head open on the doorway frame so took him to the doctor just to get it checked.

It ended up not being as bad as we thought so we are just treating it with come ointment.

So as you can see, we are keeping busy and having fun!  Lots more fun to come!

Santa's Village!

Yesterday we went to Santas' Village because we had a groupon!
We love this place too!  
First up we went and put out the fire! It's always fun to ride the fire truck and be a fireman!

Then we went and drove some cars.

Then the girls wanted to ride a new roller coaster!  They are big enough to ride by themselves now!  

Presley is not into that kind of thing so he took it slow and rode the ferris wheel.

And also drove some race cars. 

Amy took the girls on some hot air balloon ride.

Then we decided to pan for some gems.  Ever since we went to this wild west town last summer, my kids are obsessed with finding gold!

Then the kids wanted to drive some trucks.  They decided that Grandpa needed to ride.

Then we found this little ride with no line so we rode it a couple of times.  And even Bub who doesn't like fast things, liked it.

Then Presley and I decided to fly a rocket ship only ours didn't fly so he rode it again.

The girls are such daredevils and went on Tilt-a-Whirl with AMy. 

All the while Bub finally got his rocket to fly!

Then we went and saw some animals. We got to pet this tortoise.

Bub even fed the camel.

On our way out ,we even stopped to see Santa!

I told the kids that this is where he lives in the summer.  They were pretty impressed.
He asked them what they wanted for Christmas.  The girls said American Dolly stuff and Bub said a new Ninja Turtle House. He thanked them for the cookies and told them to keep being good.

It ended up being a pretty warm day so we had to cool off with some North Pole ice!

What a merry little day!  194 days til Christmas!