Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 Close for Comfort!

So I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. I have been recovering from the shock of hearing the news that I am growing 2 babies and since that news, I have been planning, packing, and moving stuff out of my house. Well, I think I may have over did it because come Monday night, I noticed some blood! In panic mode, I called my mom to come over right away and also called Chuck to come home from work. I called my doctor and he said I could wait until the next morning to go in or I could go to the ER. Well, of course, who could wait until the next day, Chuck and I hit it to the hospital. Wouldn't you know that they were pretty busy too! After about 45 minutes, they did call me to a room. After about another hour, they came and did a pelvic exam. After another hour, they took me to ultrasound. That was the most nerve-wracking experience that night. Thankfully, they were able to spot both babies (fetuses) and thankfully, they seemed to be doing well with strong heartbeats. Of course you know I had been crying before that and then of course, I started crying after that. I sure have a lot of thanking to do for sure! The ultrasound lady was kind enough to give me some pics of the babies. Here is one with both in the picture. Well after that, they wheeled me back to my little room. We waited about 45 more minutes and then I sent Chuck to see if I could get changed. You know laying with no clothes on, in a yucky hospital gown, with a huge blanket pad thing underneath you is not pleasant. The nurse came in and said they were just waiting to get my blood results. Umm....they didn't take any blood. I wanted to cry. It was already 11 and we got there at 6:45. So then they decided that they wanted to take my blood so we had to wait for the lab person to come do that. Then we had to wait for the results of that. Finally at about 12:30 AM, the doc came back to discuss everything. Here is what they found-if you look in the picture above Fetus A, you will notice a small crescent shape gray area. Yeah, that is apparently I fluid sack that was emptying itself. They say this is fairly common and that 30% of women get this. He then put me on bedrest for a couple of days to let it heal. Of couse I called my doctor the next morning to let them know what went down. My doctor reviewed everything and decided that he didn't even need to see me because it's totally normal and common. I can't have sex, exercise, or lift heavy objects, including Gracie, which is hard already not to do. So what I really want to do is skip forward the next couple of weeks until I am in the 2nd trimester and everythingis more safe and secure and I can hold Gracie again. They don't even want me lifting her to her carseat which is going to be a problem because you know my husband's work hours.....anyways we will make do and I will promise to tone it down a notch and relax more. ALthough it's had not to be paranoid of the situation. Especially with 2! Please keep me in your prayers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Double the Fun!

Today I had my first doctor's appointment. It was an ultrasound. I was excited for this day to come but nervous as well. I was still in shock about being pregnant again and I knew today would confirm that. Well, Chuck came with me, thank goodness. As soon as the lady turned on the screen, I saw two circles. She said "oh goodness" and I knew. Twins! Yep! I just kept saying "oh my God" over and over again. This was a faint possiblity I had in my head as my mom's second pregnancy was with twins. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I did a little of both. I was freaking out a bit. Both fetuses seem to be doing good with two strong heartbeats. Then I had to go in another room and wait to see the nurse. I then started crying because I"m not sure how this is going to work. So many things went running through my head like a house, a car, another car seat, another stroller, another crib, diapers galore, daycare costs, maternity leave, etc. Yikes!!! Chuck and I are happy about the news, just a little, well alot, in shock! The pictures didn't scan in very well but both are labeled Fetus A and Fetus B.I am due November 23rd and that's full term. I know this is a blessing and I am thankful and somehow this will all work out. If you have any advice or baby gear for that matter, let us know. Do you think there is any way to get our own show called "Chuck and Kris Plus 3"?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town!

We were at the mall the other day and decided to stop by and see the Easter Bunny. With Santa, we had no luck. Gracie waited happily in line to see him but when it got time to sit on Santa's lap, the crying began. They told us to leave because they didn't want us to scare the other children so we didn't get one picture! Well, she was about to do the same thing to Mr. Easter Bunny but daddy was there and sat beside him so it made it a little better. We didn't get any smiles but at least we got a picture! Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Back Bouncin'

We went on another trip back the the bouncy house. Daddy had the day of for once so we went and did something fun. Since it wasn't quite warm enough for the zoo, we went here so we knew it was already a hit. This time it was less crowded and Gracie knew where she was going. She would crawl out of one bouncy and run to the next. She had a ball. And I think she even had more fun because this time Daddy could carry her up the big slides and go down them with her. She thought that was the best. They would slide down and then she would jump back up and run around the corner trying to climb up again. So we know she is not afraid of heights and maybe this means she might like roller coasters and that when she gets older. She'll have to find an auntie to take her on those because mommy and daddy surely ain't going. So what a fun family day we had just being lazy and bouncing around!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Date to Play!

Today Gracie had a date to play with one of her boyfriends, Scotty! Scott just turned 1 about a little over a month ago and we missed his birthday party so we hadn't seen him in awhile. Scott got a really cool and big playland thing. Of course he loves it and Gracie did too. Right now it is set up inside Jessica's house. Good thing she has one huge living room because this sucker is big! I'm not sure how she plans to get it outside. Anyways, there is a little ladder with holes to climb up into it. Then there is a steering wheel and lookout telescope like you are on a boat. Then you can cross the bridge and come to the playhouse part where there is a table and a message board plus a slide to get down. You can also crawl underneath this thing too via the little holes. Well, slides being Gracie's thing, she spent a lot of time going down that. And because I am such a great mom, I forgot to put a onesie on her so now she has like little rug-burn looking marks on her back. It's ok. You think I would learn since this has happened before. Gracie also drove around in Scott's car and petted his kitty Moto. Scott was a little shy at first but soon he was chasing after Gracie giving her kisses. She was not too impressed. I think she was playing hard-to-get. We tried to get them to pose nicely on a bench but Scott wanted nothing to do but climb the bench and Gracie didn't want to get too close probably because she thought she might get boy cooties or something. Oh well, she has plenty of time to like the boys. And once she decides too, there will be no turning back. Thanks for letting us play Scott! We had lots of fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bouncy Baby!

Today we went to this new bouncy house place called Bounce U Up. Gracie had SO much fun. I was a little worried since they didn't open until noon and she fell asleep on the way there. I totally knew it was her naptime but screw that, I'm off this week. Anyways as soon as she walked in and saw the bouncy fun, her eyes lit up and she started smiling and laughing and draggind Auntie Amy and I over there. This place has liek 3 gigantic blow-up bouncy things with slides and tunnels and all kinds of gadgets. It was a little crowded as it is spring break in Plainfield. I wasn't sure if being pregnant and all, I should be bouncing around because I thought I read that pregnant women should not bounce on trampolines but I went in anyways. Gracie and I stayed sort of in the corner and bounced around. I would hold her hands and she would jump. She was watching all the other crazy kids bouncing around us. Then we went and played in a little bouncy that is for kids 5 and under. Now it says that on the outside of the thing but wouldn't you know that these girls that had to be 8 or 9 were climbing over Gracie to go in there. Come on. Their moms were sitting right there. I wanted to ask them there age but figured I would hold out on being THAT parent for today. I did have to remind some rowdy boys to be careful of my precious angel though. Then Grandma came and took Gracie in another bouncy that was filled with balls. That was certainly up her alley. I think the most fun Gracie had was going down this slide. Auntie Amy lifted her up and i would meet her at the bottom. She does love the slides, as I have said, they are her fav playground thing. She must have went down the slide about 50 times. And because little miss is almost 2, the tantrums have started and she was not the happiest when we pulled her out to leave. We spent about 2 hours there and I was exhausted. Gracie came home and took a nap and so did mommy. We had so much fun though that I think we are going back on Thursday with daddy! (which by the way, she calls "Chuck" now. Funny story, another post)

Monday, April 6, 2009

In the Motherhood

So being on spring break this week, I could actually watch Oprah. What a show today my friends. She had these two fabulous authors, Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile on there. They wrote the books I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids, (which I am currently reading) and two other books that I plan to purchase, I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper, and Dirty Little Secrets for Otherwise Perfect Moms. Their book is genius! You know, I really had no idea just how many moms out there felt the way I did at times. Before and while I was pregnant I felt like totally happy. I thought about how great everything was and was going to be and what a perfect mom I would be or at least try to be. Well, after you have the baby, there are many things no one tells you. I felt and thought many things. Things like.......
*you don't always immediately bond with your baby
*just how long it hurts in that cetain area
*how tired you will feel
*how breastfeeding is so emotional
*how having to go back to work is the hardest part
*how guilty you feel when at work and wish you were home
*how tired you feel when you finally get to spend time with your child
*how your house will never be clean again
*how your husband just can't seem to do anything right
The list could go on and on. It really made me feel better because it's not like I sit around and talk about this with anyone. Sure I did admit to some that I had postpartum and cried after my baby was born but at least I could talk about it. They were talking about how there's like this secret competition between moms and how everyone wants to portray the image of being the perfect mom. I'll be the first to admit that I am not. I am no where near close even. But I do try. With the limited time I have with Gracie, I savor it. Sure it's not the kind of motherhood I dreamed about and yes I am freaking out about the next one but I still try. Now, to me, being the perfect mom would be being able to spend eveyday with my child, taking her to classes and watching her interact with kids, being there to feed her lunch and possibly attempting to cook dinner (too tired by the time I get home) , having a house big enough to practice riding tricyles in, having a yard big enough to play in without the neighbor's dog poop lying in piles, and more. I know people that have these things and am incredibly envious of them. To me, I feel like a bad mom because I can't provide these things and I have to work everyday. People that can be at home with thier children everyday are lucky and it really is a blessing for thier children. I feel like these people are good moms because they have more time to devote to their children. I feel like I am Super Mom because I juggle much more. Not because I want to but only because I have to. Anways, to wrap this up these are real feelings and that's what these books are written about. I recommend reading them especially if you ever feel the way I do at times. These can put your mind at ease and has also encouraged me to possibly write a book titled I am a Really Good Teacher Before the Bell Rings or something like that.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break Baby!

Gracie and I finally made it to spring break! It took awhile to get here and since I thought that April weather would be nice, we would be able to play outside and go to the zoo. Well, guess what? It's snowing outside tonight! Talk about yuck! If I remember correctly, this was the same weather we experienced over winter break. Oh well, we are planning some playdates and some trips to the mall, where they have an indoor park and even a trip to the local bouncy house. We will make do. I just keep thinking that the hot days of summer are just around the corner where we are sure to be out having fun in the sun like we did last year. Can't wait for it to warm up so Gracie can wear her new swim suits this year. Happy Spring!