Sunday, February 22, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Dance!

This weekend Gracie had a date with the Daddy/daughter dance!
The theme this year was '50's.  She was not so happy that I made her wear this dress.  She would rather have worn some fancy one/ Luckily we had this in our dress up closet so it was easy to find something to wear.  

We  put her hair in a ponytail and put a scarf in it.

Daddy wore a plain white tee with his jeans rolled up.  

She wouldn't admit it, but she was excited to go!

I helped out at the dance. I do it so I can see what's going on. I get to spy and take lots of pics because  I'm obsessed with that.  I worked the favor table.  Check out the adorable glasses and lollipops the girls got!

Sure enough, the couple showed up!

Of course pretty early on, they did a hula hoop contest and you know who had to run over there and enter it?

She did really well but once she had to hula hoop on one foot, it was all  over.
Besides the DJ, they had a photo booth set up too.  Check it out!

I am serious when I say that this was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. All the girls were in poodle skirts or something similar.  Some even had "pink lady" jackets.  All the dads were in white shirts and jeans.  It was absolutely darling!

The best part was watching all the dads slow dance with their daughters.

But they did a lot of group dances too like the chicken dance, cha-cha slide, and of course, the twist!

Gracie had a lot of fun with her friends too.  Here she is with Lily.

and some of the other girls from her class, Kaelin, Evelyn, and Meryn.

They had all the girls pose in front of the backdrop for a big group shot.  

Most of the night though the girls were running around with each other and the dads were left sitting staring at their phones.

But Chuck managed to get Gracie to dance with him a few times.

The part I loved the most was at the end they played "Butterfly Kisses" and all the dads picked up their daughters and danced with them. I totally wanted to cry my eyes out.

Miss Olivia was even there with her daddy. Poor Jackie was sick and couldn't come.

I even got to  sneak a pic with Gracie in the photo booth before the end of the night!  

How fun was that?  Next year Daddy will have 2 dates...Gracie and Evie!

Math Olympics!

So our school did this after-school program called Math Olympics.  It was the past month and half or so.  The kids were divided into grade level teams (countries) and they worked on math skills.  Gracie loved it!  She loves math like her Daddy!
So the other night it was the night of the big Olympic games!  They did the opening ceremonies and Gracie was part of Team Puerto Rico.

They traveled to different math stations and got timed on how fast their team could complete the activity.

Then they had the awards ceremony and Gracie's team got 2 First places and 1 second place!  

Way to go my little Math Olympian!  I'm so proud of you!

Here she is on the podium showing off her medals!  

Valentine's Day!

Last week was Valentine's Day! At school we had a dance and Gracie had super fun! She entered the hula hoop contest again too.

We don't do much for this holiday but the kids all made Valentine's to pas out.  Gracie had funny animal ones, Presley had Power Ranger ones, and Evie chose Frozen.
I made them each a Valentine's scavenger hunt where they had to search for things that were red, sweet, fuzzy, lacey, etc.  They had fun with that.

 I also made each of my kids these love coupons.  They include extra bedtimes snuggles, dates with just mommy or daddy, stay up late one night, and so on.  

 I also found some love books that I had hidden away with my book stash.  

The kids each got a box of candy too.  The little love bugs (aren't they cute) are from Hallmark a few years ago.  They always come out to leave a little something.
We also got to pick up our Girl Scout cookies that day as well.  All 171 boxes of them.  We got them sorted and most of them delivered though!

We even ordered some heart shaped pizzas for dinner.  Yum!