Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gracie's Playdate!

For the last few days all Gracie could talk about was how her friend from school, Ava, was coming over to her house. Gracie went to Ava's house for her first "big girl" playdate (no mommy). She did good and since then we have been planning on having Ava over to play at our house. Gracie waited excitedly by the window when Ava showed up. They got busy right away. First up was to bake some cupcakes. They both worked hard putting in the ingredients and had fun cracking the eggs and sitrring the batter.

While the first batch was baking, it was time to make some Easter necklaces with beads, glitter, and sparklies.

Then they colored.
Finally after the cupcakes were all baking, it was time to lick the bowl. Yum!
While they were cooling, we played outside for a little bit. You can't beat this weather we've been having!
It was fun to see Gracie interact with her friend. Sure, I've seen her interact in a mommy-controlled playdate with my friends but this was different. This is a friend she made all on her own. They chatted the entire time about everything from princesses, to school, to being silly, to what Santa brought them for Christmas! It was really cute.
After some PB and J's for lunch, it was time to frost the cupcakes and decorate them.
Ah, the proud bakers.
We also made time for dressup. Ava has a birthday coming up and she told us that she wanted a Snow White dress for her birthday. Gracie made sure to have Ava try on hers to make sure she liked it.
Before Ava left, they gave hugs and tried on their necklaces.
I'm so glad both girls had fun. And thanks to Auntie Amy and Grandpa for taking Presley and Evie so that the girls could play without being bothered. They were already planning their next playdate.
Thanks for coming over Ava! You made Gracie's day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My school (Gracie's school next year) does these fundraiser nights at different food places. Last night it was McDonald's night. When you order, you tell them the school and the school gets a certain percentage of the money. So since my kids love some "old McDonald's", we headed there for dinner last night and met up with our friends Jackie and Olivia.

The kids enjoyed their Happy Meals. Evie loves the chicken nuggets and Presley loves his cheeseburgers and apples. Gracie ate like 2 bites of chicken because you know how much she loves meat. She ate lots of fries though. Mom of the year right?

Well the best part about Happy Meals of course, are the toys! Jackie and Gracie showed off thier My Little Ponies. You know those were popular when I was young.

Presley got a Transformers truck. That's his new favorite movie. No more cartoons for him. He likes the big boy movies! He had fun zooming that truck up and down the windowsill.
Then of course, my kids decided to run. Now keep in mind that the place is full of kids and parents eating peacefully and then the teacher's little kids are the ones running around like maniacs.
Evie tried to keep up with the big girls but I made her stop and take pose because she had the biggest chocolate milk spill ever! Of course it happened on her new little outfit. And it was white.
Jackie and Gracie had fun telling the big kids what "grade" they were in and I heard Gracie telling them what her teachers names were. I think the big kids got bored of hearing about their preschool lifes but they stuck around at least pretending to listen.
So they ran around some more.
Of course we had to get ice cream. Olivia loves vanilla ice cream and takes such little bites to savor the flavor I guess but isn't she cute posing with her yummy ice cream?

Monday, March 19, 2012


This past weekend was so nice! The weather here has been very spring-like to say the least. It's been in the 70's and may have even hit 80! We took full advantage and headed to the park. It's been a long time since we visited one of our favorite parks! And speaking of parks and spring weather, it gets me in crazy I-want-a-house-fever!!!! Like, I stand there pushing my girls on the swings and I think of the one-day-to-be-park that will sit on my own backyard. Maybe surrounded by a white picket fence. Ah. Someday. Maybe.
Anyways, here is some fun stuff.

After the park, it was time for some yummy popsicles especially delivered by the ice cream man! I used to love that man when I was little. We would hear the little ding-ding of his bell and run like mad to find an adult with money. Then we would take our ice cream, mine was usually a bomb pop, or this pink ice cream cone thing with a gumball in the bottom. Of course Chuck ordered the longest popsicles I have ever seen.

Presley didn't want one though. Poor baby jsut wanted his PB and J. He actually was sick yesterday so we didn't make it to the zoo as planned but we had fun anyways!
Hope this weather sticks around. I could get used to this. I already feel like school should almost be out and we still have like 45 more days! C'mon summer!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Boy in a Big Boy Shower!

He was trying his best to smile but the water got in the way!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

St. Patty's Parade!

Oh, top of the mornin' to ya, even though it's night. But this night was good because it was lighter outside for longer. Finally! And the weather here today was beautiful. We decided to take full advantage and head to the Plainfield Irish parade. We brought our lunch and sat on the curb waiting for the parade to start. Or as Presley would say "where's the march?"

We even saw a green dog!

Evie was having fun playing with my camera before the parade.
Grandpa came to and him and Presley had a great time waiting for the fire trucks to come.
Presley was impressed with the bagpipes.
Cousin Brooke was even marching in the parade with preschool! Gracie actually goes to the same one and we saw her teachers in it too. They made sure to give her lots of candy.
And what's a St. Pat's parade without a leprechaun?
It was a good parade, lots of politicians and stuff but at least lots of them threw candy! That's one way to win a vote. Hope everyone has a good St. Patty's Day!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Addie's Birthday Party!

Today we headed over to Gymquest (where the twins had their birthday a few months ago) to celebrate my cousin Jen's daughter, Addie's 4th birthday!
We sat and listened to the rules first.

Then headed out to play! Gracie hit the foam pit first.

Then these two tried it.
Gracie had fun hanging upside down. Very lady-like.
Evie wanted to try the balance beam.
Presley just liked hanging around.
Then it was time to sit around.
My cheesey son.
Gracie found the birthday girl and they had fun together.
So while the kids were taking a break, I tried out the foam pit myself.
But once I was in, I couldn't get out. The worker had to pull me from the pit. Thanks Jen!
Gracie had fun in though.
This guy didn't go in it too much. He wanted to walk the line.
And I think Evie's favorite part was the trampoline.
Blake and her talked about how much they love jumping on it.
This guy came running on it too.
But then Evie discovered how much of a big girl she was and climbed the big slide all by herself.
Gracie decided to be a daredevil and go head-first.
No slides for his guy though. It was all about making forts.
But there was no stopping Evie. Once she realized she could climb the slide, that was all she wanted to do.
But that had to end soon because it was time for pizza! Gracie took her seat next to Addie.
These two dug right in.
We sang "Happy Birthday."
And then we got to eat cupcakes! My cousin Jen, makes the best ones!
Thanks for inviting us the birthday party! We had fun! Happy Birthday Addie!