Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Big Boy/Girl Bath!

It was a big day in the Weiss household the other day........Presley and Evie had their first big boy and big girl bath!!!
Normally we were still using the infant tub but they were getting too big for it and it was a pain in the neck to get everything out all the time. Now that they are sitting good, they can sit in the tubtime chair! Yay! (Although I think these chairs may have been recalled because I can't find anymore of them anywhere!).
Here is Big Boy Presley having fun in the tub.

And Evie had just as much fun. I think I may have waterbabies on my hands.

But I think the most excited of all was big sis Grace. She came runnning upstairs, stripped off her clothes and jumped into the tub with her brother and sister. She loves helping to wash them. I guess it's more fun that washing her bath doll.

My babies are growing up!

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