Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Bought A House Today!

Many important dates are never forgotten such as....
7/3/04 Our wedding Day!
7/1/07 Grace was born!
11/11/09 Evie and Presley were born!
Well today was another date to add to Weiss life events because.....
This literally has been five years in the making.  You see it was almost 5 years ago to the day (4/14/09) that I found out we were expecting twins!  Feeling very much overwhelmed, I knew we needed to make changes to accomodate our growing family.  We traded the Ford Escape in for a minivan and we put our 2-bedroom townhome on the market.  Well, things didn't exactly go as planned in the housing department and without much luck at all, nothing happened.  That is until last summer.  We finally decided that after having the kids sharing 1 bedroom for the past 3 years that we were going to get out.  We met with a realtor (awesome guy that Jeff Gregory) and after looking at many houses, we decided to build.  We signed the papers on August 1, 2013.  (I am SO good with dates).  We waited and waited and waited for this dream to begin.  It did not begin until November 5th, 2013.  And after that, winter hit.  And it stayed and it was the most awful winter we have seen in years.  It set us back even longer.  Well all that waiting has finally ended because today we went and signed those papers to make it official.  We are the proud owners of our dreamhome!

I couldn't wait for the kids to see it.  We have driven them by it several times but they have never been in it.  We taped them as they came in.
They went off exploring.
And admired all the mud that sits in the yard for now until it gets landscaped.
It was a mad dash up the stairs to find their new bedrooms!
Evie loves her new closet!
The kids were so excited and they just ran and played hide-and-seek and all kinds of games. Games that you can do with all this space that is.
They can't wait to try out the new tub!
And they think the basement is pretty cool too. They ran around in circles for awhile.

I had them they "Happy New House Day!"
It was so fun to see them so excited.
Here is Evie in her new room!
Bub is pretty stoked about his new boy room too!
We ordered pizza and had our first dinner in our new home.  On the floor.
Cheers to many years of happiness, memories, and laughs in this wonderful new home!
Of course, we had to invite some of our friends to see it too.
Seriously, my new saying is "The Weiss House-Where Friendships Grow Stronger and Memories are Made."  
Perhaps I will make a sign that says that in my new craft room!