Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moving Along....

Here she is!!!
Next to my kids and my hubs of course, she is my dream come true! 
I have been waiting for this house for years.  If you didn't know, or don't remember, we have been trying to get out of our townhome for over 4 years!  (Since I was preggers with the twins!)  This is what keeps the sun shining in what would usually be my winter depression.
This was taken a few weeks ago when we went to pick out our colors but because this winter (of course) is the winter that will never end, I haven't been back since.
We were supposed to do our first walk-through this week.  It was a walk-through that is to be done before dry walling starts, but it got postponed because it was so freaking cold that no one wanted to work, me included.  
But to give you a little peek as to what our dreamhome is going to look like....
when you walk into the front door, this is what you will find.  Minus all the pipe things of course.  This is oru greatroom.
When you walk through the foyer and turn right, there's a hallway that leads to the garage, basement, the den, and a hallbath there on the right.
Here is shot that is looking into our kitchen.  It's pretty big and will have a 7 foot island in it too!  
Turning around, here is the family room!
Here is another shot of the greatroom.  Not sure what we are going to do with this room exactly but it's big and I can't wait!
Our little den where we think we will have either the computer and a homework center or else my scrapbook room?
The hallway that I have big plans to make into some sort of mud room looking thing.  Scored lots of ideas on pinterest.
Upstairs, we have the laundry room!  
Here is bedroom 1.
Bedroom 2.
Bedroom 3.
The hall bath upstairs. Otherwise known as the kids' bathroom.
Bedroom 4.
And bedroom 5.  Our bedroom. And look!  There's our bathtub!
Looking from our bedroom, we have 2 closets.  The one on the left is small and that's Chuck's closet.  But the one on the right is a walk-in and that one's all mine baby!  The bathroom is through there too.
This is our master bath and the tub will be going in the corner.  The shower is separate.
A view of the upstairs.
More upstairs.
And upstairs again.  
Another shot of the kitchen.
I can't wait to snuggle on our couch in this family room and watch movies with my kids. 
There is the stairs!
Serisouly, I look at these pictures and picture how it's going to look soon, but also, I can picture the kids running around and all the wonderful memories we are going to make in this house!
Here's a little peek at the big full basement although at this time, the floor has not been poured and they had heaters down there to dry it up.
Our garage.  Here's where we will pull the super cool minivan out of the garage and pull out onto our new street....Shady Oak Drive baby!
Now we are schedudled to close in March!  It's coming soon and I really can't wait!  So far we have been lucky enough to be able to stay in our townhome even though it has sold.  I hope we can stretch it a few more weeks at this point so we can move from this box, into this much, much bigger space!  We are just so excited and you will never find another family more excited about this! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Last weekend it wasn't too cold so we bundled up and hit a snow hill near our house.
The kids weren't too sure at first but once they tried it, they were hooked.
It was a pretty big hill and a lot of people had the same idea.
We only had the tobaggan from Grandpa since our sleds and stuff were already packed up.  We took turns though and the kids loved it!

Going up the hill was just as much fun as going down.
After one of my many rides down, I stayed down there so I could get some pics.

Grandpa stayed at the top and talked on his phone.
But the kids talked him into going down the hill too.
They went so fast, it was hard to get a picture.
Bub has already asked when we can do it again.  Maybe when it's not freezing cold I say!

Monday, January 20, 2014

T-Ball Class!

My little man stared his T-ball class again! It's too cold to play outside just yet so his class meets at a school.  He started last week with a great coach that he had last year....Coach Bubba!
He's got a little class of adorable little boys. There is nothing like watching little boys learn to play baseball. 
Presley has already taken a couple of t-ball classes but he likes it so I keep signing him up.
He enjoys running the bases.
And high-fiving his coach.
Gracie came too but I made her do her homework during class.
Presley did good at pitching and catching.
He worked so hard, he needed to take a water break!
Then it was time for his favorite....batting!
He did good too!
He made it on base!
I love that he loves it.  I enjoy watching him play. I know his Daddy is very proud.