Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baseball Season!

Well baseball season has officially started around here!  It is Presley's first year playing some real ball and not t-ball.  We got his team assignment and turns out that they were short on parent volunteers so that's when my hubs took it upon himself to head up the team!  It would have been heartbreaking to not have Presley play ball.  This is the only thing he wants to do!
So the Mets and Coach Chuck set up the practice schedule and before we knew it, it was here!  Coach  brought some drinks and snacks for the players. 

Presley was all set with his new helmet, bat, glove, and new bat bag.  

The kids started showing up and they began playing. 

They were all excited to try batting with the t. 

Coach Chuck met and explained some things to the parents first. 

Then it was time for practice.  The boys did some warmups. 

And Coach talked to them about some of the things they were going to do. 

They practiced catching and throwing. 

Then they played a game where they kept rotating positions so they could try them all.  In the games they will be playing, they will play a different position each time. 

They met for one last team cheer.

All the boys seemed to have fun and I think it will be an incredible experience for Chuck and Presley. I am so proud of both of them!

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter around here.
We made it to the mall to see the bunny.

We even went for a hike with Grandma and Grandpa the day before. 

When we got home, we colored Easter eggs. 

And we made a footprint craft.

The  next day, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's for some Easter fun.  The Easter bunny had hidden eggs in their backyard. 

Each kid had a color.  Gracie had green, Presley had blue, and Evie had yellow. 

They ran around the yard collecting tons of eggs. 

Some were even up on the playground! 

The final collection! 

Then we had to open them up to see what was inside of them.  Mostly Starburst! 

Then Grandma and Grandpa had some Easter surprises for the kids.  Amy did too. 

The kids each got a backpack filled with Disney things like shirts for our trip,  and other fun things. 

Then I climbed around in my parents crawlspace and found some beloved New Kids treasures! 

I also got out my drum and the kids had fun playing it. 

Easter night is when the bunny came to our house since Chuck had to work on Easter.  He left them lots of goodies in their baskets. 

The kids were up at the crack of dawn and ran around to collect more eggs. 

Man that bunny hid a ton inside our house. 

They seemed to like all the goodies that were left in their baskets too. 

They got some new books, Legos, candy, shirts and new Crocs for our Disney trip. 

Evie was pretty excited about this shirt. 

Bub was excited to get a Star Wars shirt. 

Evie also got this Elsa dress.

And Gracie was really excited about her Minecraft shirt.