Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Well it's safe to say that the Easter Bunny hopped on over to our house last night and filled our baskets with lots of goodies.
Our baskets were filled with lots of books, a game, some tattoos, a new movie, an umbrella, a kite, flip flops for summer and a new swimsuit.  Only one little thing of candy.  Seriously we are still eating candy from Christmas and Valentine's Day around here.
Oh, everyone received some new spring jammies too.  Gracie got her favorite nightgown with Jasmine on it.
Presley got a new swimsuit with Superman and Batman on them.  He was super egg-cited!
After we looked through our baskets and they were emptied, it was time to collect the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden around our house.
This girl wasn't all about the egg hunt at first. She is not a morning person.  She must get that from me.
But Presley was on a mission.
So was Gracie.
After we collected egg, it was time to see what was in them.  Unfortunatley it was candy for breakfast around here.
The eggs that did get opened went straight into their mouths.
Maybe next year the Easter Bunny should fill the eggs with Cheerios or Fruit Loops.

Here is Presley with his new McQueen umbrella and Gracie with her Princess one.  Evie got a Minnie Mouse one.
After we watched Sophia and Rise of the Guardians, it was time to head over to Grandma and Grandpa's.  But first we had to check to see what became of our magic jellybeans.  Look!  They grew into lollipops!
But before we left this girl had to try on her new swimsuit.  She was in love with it and was hoping to wear it today to a beach party.  Soon Gracie.  Soon I hope.
Well the Easter Bunny had came to Grandma and Grandpa's house too.
Check out that loot!
Auntie Amy gave each of the kids a new pair of Crocs for the summer.
Presley got pretty excited about his new Caillou puzzle.
Evie was egg-cited about her new pink badmitton game.

Presley's new shirt for the summer.  Ha!
The Easter Bunny also hid eggs at Grandma's.  Except that each kid had to find their own color!
Presley had to find blue egg.  Gracie had to find green.
Evie had to find yellow eggs.
But their were 2 speical eggs for each kid too-Presley had to find the Cars, Evie, the Minnie, and Gracie, the Barbie.  Those contained money!  Presley put his in his pockets right away.

Here we are all egg-cited to be together for Easter!  
Auntie Amy was there too.
Grandma and Grandpa wanted a picture to.

After looking through more eggs, it was time to try out some new games.

Then we had to peel our colored eggs and try them out.
Guess who actually tried it and liked it?
After a yummy Easter lunch, it was time to fly our new kites.  But it was pretty windy and chilly so that didn't last long.  
Instead we came home, took baths, and watched Wreck-it-Ralph.
Hoppy Easter!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Twas the Night Before Easter!

"Twas the day before Easter.....and we realized that we hadn't gone to see the Easter Bunny or color Easter eggs!
So today we went and waited in line at the mall and this was the best pic we could get.  This is the first year that me or Chuck are not in the picture.  Evie would not go near the bunny but she was willing to stand near him.  Presley decided not to smile.  It's still cute.
The line actually wasn't too bad but we had fun taking pics with the flowers.

As soon as we got home, we knew our eggs had cooled and were ready to be colored.
This was the first year that Evie and Presley were totally into it.  
They were all about it.  We went through 36 eggs in about 2 minutes.
Here's the pro in action.  She as showing the little ones what to do.
They chose not to listen however. They wanted to do it their way.
We even had a kit that came with a little eyedropper so that was fun.
Coloring eggs was so much fun for them!  Another Easter tradition to continue every year.
Chuck and I did manage to write some names on the eggs with crayon so that when they were colored, it would show up.  We made some for all of us, Millie and Hazel, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Amy, and of course the Easter Bunny!  We figured he may be hungry by the time he hopped to our house.
These eggs were made with love.
After that, it was time to decorate some foam eggs.  Whoops!  Forgot I even had these leftover from last year.
My kids had a ball with them too.  We made all kinds of eggs for all kinds of people.  And again, we made some to leave for the Easter Bunny!
Gracie even made one for Evie.  And we didn't even ask her to.  She chose to do that all on her own.  Love!
We also had to go outside and plant our jelly beans.  Last year they grew into lollipops.

We will have to check tomorrow morning and see if they really were magic!
We came inside and watched the Charlie Brown Easter movie and headed to bed.
And let me tell you, these kids were so excited that the bunny is coming tonight that they would not go to sleep. Chuch actually put a recorder in there and taped them talking about the Easter Bunny.  It is so cute.  Of course Gracie was bossing the little ones around.  Evie said "I don't think the Easter Bunny is going to come." And then Gracie said "No, he's not if we don't go to sleep." 
Eventually they did fall asleep.  After I told them I would call the Easter Bunny.  And then after I told them I saw him hopping down the road and he wouldn't stop unless they were sleeping.  And that was at 9:30.
Hoppy Easter!