Monday, February 25, 2013

The First Daisy Meeting of Troop 686!

Because I don't have enough going on..I am volunteering to be a Daisy Girl Scout Leader! I was a Girl Scout from the time I was in first grade until I graduated high school.  Although once I got older, I didn't call it Girl Scouts, but rather my "organization."  My friend Holly and I have always talked about being leaders when our girls, Gracie and Jackie, were old enough.  Well guess what?  That time has come and now here we are. 
Presenting Daisy Girl Scout Troop 686!
I know that we are starting late in the year but because of lack of communication on both ends, we are starting now. We missed the cookie sales for this year, but next year....look out!  Besides all that matters now is this excited girl to put on her Daisy smock and start earning her petals, which are the patches for Daisies.
I made my troop these little bags that they can bring with them to troop meetings.  We weren't sure how many girls were coming and I only made 12.  Well, we have 14 little kindegartners in our troop!  I'll have to make 2 more!
We started the meeting of course with The Pledge of Allegiance.  We then made a petal for our troop sign in which the girls all decorated and wrote their names on a petal.
Then we did some get-to-know-you activities.  One was tracing a buddy and then drawing ourselves as Daisy Girl Scouts and talking about our similarities and differences.
Good thing we are holding our meetings at school and have the space to do this!
We then played another game called Daisy-to-Daisy.  The girls had fun and got to change partners so that they got to make new friends.
They are such little darlings.  Totally different than the 3rd graders I teach.
But we did it!  We started our own Daisy Troop like we said we would.  One thing to cross off the bucket list.  I am totally excited and look forward to working with these girls. I already have a Pinterest board full of ideas!
On my honor,
I will try,
to serve God,
and my country,
to help people at all times,
and to live by the Girl Scout law.
(that's a St. Mary's thing)

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I know I suck at blogging lately.  I blame stress and my lack of vitamin D, I am so tired.  Well it finally snowed enough and wasn't freezig cold so we could actually go and play in the snow for the first time this winter. I bundled up the kids and we headed out to play.  They had a blast and we busted out the sled too. I think Evie had the most fun.  Presley made snow angels.  Gracie made snowballs and then they discovered huge chunks of snow that they could throw down and it would break into lots of little pieces.  Good times.  Now bring on spring!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Weekend Down South: Christmas in February and my First 5k!

We don't get down to my husband's family much. They live 4 hours from here and with's hard to make the drive. A couple of years ago, we started celebrating Christmas with them in February.  Last year we were lucky enough to make it down before Christmas but it was crazy!  We waited until we had a long weekend from school and could take our time.  We got down there late Friday night but Saturday, we got to celebrate Christmas finally with Uncle Frog, Aunt Christie, Drake, Maddie, Uncle Schmut, Papa, and Grandma Vicki. 
On this side of the family, we start with the youngest to open presents first and everyone gets to watch.  Evie was up first because you know she is younger by a minute.
She got her very first Cabbage Patch Kid!  I still have mine from when I was little.  Those were the dolls to have back in my day!  Her name is Makala Sophia and she was born on July 21st!  I love how they do that.
Presley was next.
Papa and Grandma gave him a new Avengers shirt.  He wore it the rest of the weekend.
And he got his very first McQueen remote control car!  It talks too.
Gracie was next and she got what she has been wanting since Christmas.  She has been seeing the commercials and everytime she sees it, she says "I'm gonna ask Santa for those."  What are they?  They are the Stompies slippers.
She also got a game she has been wanting too: Pop the Pig.
After all the presents were opened, it was time to play!

My kids also have 1 cousin.  Yep, just one.  Her name is Jordin.  She is almost ready to drive!
Gracie and Maddie had fun playing with Aunt Christie's shoes.
Then some more family showed up later to play games.  Sydney and Peyton came to play Pop the Pig!
It's always great to see everyone.  We don't get to see them much.  I always try to get a picture with Papa and Grandma Vicki.  
After that, Aunt Christie pulled out the gymnastics mat and the girls had a ball.  Maddie and Sydney take gymnastics and they were showing Gracie and Evie all their moves. 
After tumbling around, it was time to watch some TV before bed.
Even though we had fun hanging out, we had to get up early because I was going to do my first 5k!  Christie signed us up and I was nervous. I had never done anything like this before.  I started the Couch to 5k back in the fall and then once it got cold, I stopped.  
Of course I did not run the whole thing, oh my, no.  I did run some of it and then power walked the rest of it. But I did it!  I think my time was 51 minutes or something.  I am proud of myself and I will plan on doing this again.  
Ugh, this computer gets my pics out of order sometimes.  Here are Gracie and Maddie passed out with Daddy on Saturday.
After the race, we hung out around Uncle Frog's house.  Gracie wouldn't take off her Stompies.
But later that night, we took the kids to play at the gymnastics place.  Of course all this sleepover fun came with a price....the kids were crabby and tired once we got there. That totally ruined our plan of wear them out and they'll pass out.
Good time huh?
But after a little coaxing, they were up and having fun.  The little ones got to play in the little kids room which they had to themselves.

Presley was too cool for it though because he wanted to play soccer with Drake.

But then we went out to the mats and found these big blocks.

It was a great weekend!  Thanks everyone!  We had a wonderful time!