Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween was spook-tacular! We had so much fun doing all kinds of things!

In addition to all the pumpkin fun we have been having, yesterday at school was the kids Halloween parade and parties!  Gracie dressed up as Mal this year from the Disney movie Descendants.  The girl in front of her is also Mal.

Evie wanted to be Elsa.  

Presley wanted to be Rizzo from the Cubbies!  He was just totally excited to wear the black paint on his face like the ball players wear.  Here they are outside their classroom.

Since Evie and Presley are in the morning Kindergarten class, they had their own parade. 

Here is Elsa giving me a wave.

Here's Rizzo being all serious.  

Serious still while giving the big kids a high-five.

Here is Elsa again. 

In the afternoon, the rest of the school had their own parade.  I caught another picture of Gracie. 

The staff at my school always comes up with some group theme.  This year we decided to be emojis. I was the Christmas tree.

We had Halloween parades in our classrooms.  Here is my class.

Scary faces!

That night we headed back to school because we had our first ever trunk-or-treat!  It was great!  

There were like 40 cars or so and they were all decked out!

Presley ran into his friend Patrick.

We ran into Meryn and Piper too!

Today we headed to Scotty and Levi's annual Halloween party!  This year's theme was "Willy Wonka!"  Jessica always outdoes herself.  
We had fizzy lifting drinks and exploding candy (with pop rocks).

We also had oompa loompa cookies and hot apple cider.  

And of course Wonka bars!

A lot of our friends were there for the fun!

Scary faces again!

First the kids had to sign a contract just like the movie.

Then we played the Golden Egg toss!

Then we had to pop Violet's pumpkins instead of blueberries.  There were prizes inside.

Then the kids got to snack on the goodies.

Here is the contract!  Cute!

Jessica even dressed up as "Wilma Wonka", Willy's twin! 

Later we headed over to Grandam and Grandpa's for trick-or-treating.  Of course it always rains around here on Halloween.

But we brought our umbrellas and headed out.

We went to Uncle Ray's house first but her wasn't home.

So we continued down the street with our friend Colton.

He was Scooby-Doo!

The first 3 houses we went too, we found no one home!

But we had luck at Rob's house.

And the Sartain's too. 

After a few houses, the kids were pros.

Gracie got cold and opted to go home but these two wanted to keep trucking.

My two peas in a pod. 

We went around the block and came back to Grandma's house. 

It was a fun Halloween despite the weather.

And I did get a picture of my two characters in the window. 

Because now that Halloween is over, you know what that means.....

Oh, and our handprint craft for this year!