Monday, May 23, 2016

End of the School Year!

We had so many things going on at the end of this school year. We just wrapped up dance, Presley still had baseball, both scout troops just ended, and there has been all kinds of school events happening! We've been busy!
For one, we had Field Day!  It's a day where we play games outside all day.  Evie had fun with the girls in her class playing a soccer game.
I stopped to take a pic with my boy!

And then took a pic with him and his buddy Patrick!

And Evie wanted one with her and Piper!

Later that night, we had an art show at school!  Gracie had a painting on display.  This was the first time our school did something like this.  You could purchase your child's framed artwork!

That prompted Evie to want to make some artwork too. 
She made this beauty!

And one of the solar system!
Then she also drew Avengers symbols!  What an artist!

Then it came time for the last day of school for Evie and Presley.  Since they were in Kindergarten, they got out one day early!  

I don't know how it's possible that they are this old already.  How are they going into first grade so soon?
Instead of having a Kindergarten graduation, they had a picnic.  Chuck was able to take them and they had oodles of fun!

Evie spent a lot of time perfecting her hula hooping!

Presley went around and made sure everyone signed his yearbook!

Evie had fun with Mia!

Evie and Piper doing some hula hooping!

Mrs. Ansel was signing books too! 

She was a great teacher and Evie and Presley had a great year with her!

All the kids received little certificates! 

Bub played some baseball with Patrick!

Later that night, Presley had a game!


Then I got busy putting the final touches on our gifts for Miss Rose.  She has been our babysitter for 9 years, ever since Gracie was a baby!  She has been awesome and we are going to  miss her. I put together a basket of thanks for her.  Check it out....

The next day was Gracie's last day of 3rd grade!  Yikes!  Now I have a 4th grader!

She had a great year with Mrs. Held!

And these 3 had a lot of fun together before and after school!
One last selfie with my class!

One last picture with Miss Rose!

And now welcome to summer!  The kids got buckets filled summer clothes, swimsuits, goggles, sunglasses, and diving sticks!