Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Day of Preschool!

Today my little Evie and Presley finished up their first year of preschool! I seriously don't know where the time went but here we are. They had a fabulous time at Bonnie McBeth and I was very happy with the program that they were in.  I'm glad I decided to split them up back in November.  They had wonderful teachers and made new friends.  I have seen them grow so much over this school year.  I am so proud of them. One more year of preschool to go. 

Family Picnic!

Yesterday was beautiful day! Gracie had a family picnic at school. She was so excited that she invited Grandma and Grandpa.  She even wanted Evie and Presley there too.  It also fell during my lunch so I got to eat with her too!   
Grandma and Grandpa brought Culver's. Yum!
Even some of our friends from Miss Rose's were there. Here is Evie with her buddies Piper and Fiona.
This is Grace with her friend Meryn.
And of course....her BFF Jackie.

It was  fun time!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dance Recital!

A couple of weeks ago, Gracie and Evie had their dance recital! This was Gracie's 4th recital and Evie's 2nd.  They looked so cute! Both girls did ballet and Gracie danced to "For the first time in forever" from Frozen and Evie danced to "Bye Bye Love."
We had rehearsal on Saturday and that's when the parents could take as many pictures and videos as they want.  During the actual recital, you could not.  
This is Evie's friend Bella from her dance class.
Is it me or does she look so grown up?

Because the girls had a 2 hour differnce in rehearsal times, I took Evie first and then my mom brought Gracie.  
My two ballerina beauties.

She is so beautiful!

Here's Grace with some of her ballet buddies.
They had to practice their ending a couple of times.
Here is the big day!  

I love this picture!

The recital was held at the Rialto.

And because both girl did so good and danced their little hearts out, they got flowers after the show.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Well I'm back!

It's been awhile since we moved and all and FINALLY got internet.  That only took a month...anyays, lots to catch up on. We moved in on Easter weekend so the Easter bunny came a day early as Daddy ad to work on Easter Sunday.  He did manage to find our new house and hide lots of eggs.

The kids were so excited to find eggs all over their new bedrooms.  And yes, Evie is wearing Santa jammies....

The Easter Bunny left us lots goodies too.

Bub got Spiderman roller skates.
Evie got a Sophia dress.
Bub got a super heroes book.
Evie also got a Hello Kitty dress.

Bub got a Captain America shirt.
Oh an golf too.
Evie got Doc McStuffins skates.
Presley had to try on his skates too.  Gracie got  rainbow loom and had to try it out too.
After that, we went over to some friends house where we had a kid egg hunt.

The kids had so much fun and so did the babies.

We were very egg-cited to be able to have an egg hunt with them.
Evie and Jackson even had fun gliding together.


On Easter Sunday, we learned that the Easter Bunny had been to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  He his lots of eggs there too!

 But at Grandma's house, each kid gets their own color eggs.
And of course, he left more goodies here.

 My little eggheads.
The girls got some outfits that come with a matching one for their dolls.

 I even got this adorable owl sign for our new house.