Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crab Walking, Haircuts, and Fun!

Today was a busy morning for us!
First off, Gracie had tumbling! She loves tumbling and today she learned to walk like a crab! Something I would have never have thought to teach her but she loved it! And they also did jumps today. I could hear behind the closed door all the kids singing, "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." So cute!

After tumbling, it was off to get Evie, Presley, Grandma and Grandpa and head up to Cici's Pizza for lunch! Yum! Presley and Evie love pizza and breadsticks. And just when I think I think I am safe on the weekend, who should be at the restaurant, but a Girl Scout Troop from my school and lots of girls and I had a couple of years ago! So glad I decided not to shower this morning!

Anyways, then it was next door for our haircut appointment at Boozle B's!

This place is so stinking cute. They have the cutest little play area and all these great goodies you can buy (for a price though). Well, today was actually Presley and Evie's very first haircut so I opted for the overpriced "baby's first haircut" package. With it, you get a picture, even though I snapped mine like crazy, some stickers, a lock of their hair, and a certicifate. So of course I had to have all that you know for thier scrapbooks.

How did they do? Well take a look.

Presley was in desperate need of haircut. He had pretty much a mullet going on. Of course Chuck liked it, he had one himself when he was younger. It was sort of cute with the the little curls at the end but he was looking too much like a rockstar/hippie baby. Evie and Gracie just needed some trimming.

The kids got to sit in the cute little cars and they also had the mirror so they could watch themselves but each chair also had a TV there with Sesame Street on. Genius!

Evie did really well and sat perfectly fine. Bubby on the other hand, well, he cried. He may be the biggest out of the 3, but he's the wussiest too!

After Evie and Presley, it was Miss Gracie's turn. She wanted to ride in the jeep too.

She sat real good.

And after that, they put sparkles in her hair! That was her favorite part.

This place does birthday parties too. They have all these packages for little girls like spa days where you can come and get your nails done, makeup, fun hair, the whole works! But they did tell me they do birthday dress-up parties. Not only for girls, but for boys too! Yep, they bring in pirate and fireman outfits to wear for them. How cute will that be when I am in need of a fun boy-girl birthday party when the twins are older?
After haircuts, it was time to head home for naps. Do you think anyone napped?
Nope, they decided to crawl around on the TV stand and DVD player, which of course, is a big no-no but I let them do it just so I could get some pics. (one of the joys of townhome living, that TV thing)
Notice all the fingerprints on the TV too! Joy!
Doesn't Presley look like the cutest little boy now?
And Evie can finally see without her hair in her eyes!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dancing at Ballet Class

This was Gracie at ballet class last week. She loves it! For her dance recital in May, they will be dancing to the song "Tutti Fruitti." They already have their costumes ordered. They will be wearing watermelon tutu's. Anyways, Gracie has ballet once a week and every other week, the parents are invited in for the last 5 minutes to watch. I didn't even think about taping it (I learned to do it at tumbling) but thankfully, my friend Laura, who's daughter Maggie is also in Gracie's class (she is the one on the right), remembered to tape it. So thanks Laura. It looks like the girls had a great time. Gracie is already packed and ready for tomorrow's ballet class.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gracie the Gymnast!

Gracie started tumbling last week and LOVES it! She is also in ballet and it just so happens that her ballet teacher is also her tumbling teacher! Yay! We like Miss Kathy! Last week at tumbling, Gracie learned somersaults. This week they got to walk on the balance beam. When they were done, they hopped off, say "freeze" to get their balance, and then say "finsih" with thier hands in the air to let us know they were done! So cute! My Gracie girl, the gymnast!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Evie's Scrapbook (so far)

Here is some of what I have done of Evie's book so far. If you read a few posts back, you saw Presley, the other twin's book. I scrapped my butt off for awhile just trying to get these done. And if you know me and my matching thing I have going, I searched and shopped all over Michael's and Hobby Lobby for what else? Matching boy/girl scrapbook stuff. I watched the ads for weeks and then would return and rebuy or exchange and use coupons up the wazoo. I think the employees of those stores got sick of seeing me and I can honestly say, I don't think I have been back in there since. Oh well. I had a lot of fun making these books and using my new cricut cutter that I received from my wonderful hubby as an anniversary/birthday present. So I haven't really made a dent in Evie's pictures either but one of these days, I will get caught up! Enjoy. And don't forget to look back at Presley's, so you can see how they coordinate with each other. I worked real hard at that and am proud of it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grace Ballerina

Gracie Girl started her first ballet class today! And guess what? She loved it! Over the weekend, we got to go pick out ballet shoes and she even got to try them on in the store which is something she normally doesn't get to do. That was pretty fun for her. We also got a cute bag to carry our shoes to class in. That made her pretty excited for dance class. In fact, when she woke up this morning, she woke right up and was so excited because she knew 1, she got to go to Grandma's, 2, she had school, and 3, she had dance class. So we got to class which was crazy busy because they had 3 dance classes going on at once. We walked her into her room and met her dance teacher Miss Kathy. She sat on her favorite color circle, green, and we waved goodbye and left. When I went to pick her up, she was smiling and asked when she could come back again. She showed us some moves she learned including how to shake her booty. Her dance recital has already been scheduled for May at the Rialto too so her costume is already paid for. Apparently, her teacher told us that they would be wearing watermelon tu-tu's. Can't wait to see that. So I am glad she likes ballet and she is happy. My little ballerina!
Here she is practicing some moves before class.

Her new ballet bag.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mall Madness!

So what do you do when it's cold outside and you don't want to stay home? One answer is to go to the mall! So we headed there this weekend one, to get out of the house, and two, because our favorite store there, The Disney Store, was going out of business. That news makes us sad because the mall by us doesn't have any other fun kid-friendly stores in it. So it takes some of the fun away from going to the mall. Anyways we went to the play area and you'll never believe it, but there was not 1 kid there! Nope. Nada. That was awesome so we let the kids run and play. This was Evie and Presley's first time they were super excited.
They drove cars,

climbed the slide,

ran and yelled,
drove more cars,
rode turtles and posed with Alice, one of the last things left at our favorite store,
played in the boat,
climbed through tunnels,
sat on frogs,
played games,
made funny faces in the silly mirror,

drove more cars,
sat in cars,
and then moved over to the mechanical rides and rode in the racecar,
and the ice cream truck,
and drove the bulldozer with Bob,

flew in a helicoptor,
more racecar driving,
and then took a walk to the see the puppies.
Family fun day at the mall. Good times!
Maybe our next mall will be Fox Valley. They have a double-decker merry-go-round.