Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's fun having my husband home 2 whole weekends a month so we can do some family fun things. Last weekend we headed bowling! Gracie has only been bowling once and the twins never have been although they like playing it on the Wii.

For those of you who live in our area, Brunswick Zone was really neat! I have never been there but it's huge! We went on a Sunday morning and it was dead so it was perfect. They have couches that you can watch the games on, they have a restaurant and a huge video arcade! They even had kids bowling balls, kids bowling shoes (although only for Bub, not Evie) and the lanes work by bowler whether you need the bumper pads or not.

Gracie loved it! She knows how to roll the ball down the lane and although it took a while for it to get there, she still managed to knock down some pins.

She even took turns for Presley and Evie when they had enough.
Daddy taught Presley how to do roll the ball. Check out his little bowling shoes. Are they not so cute?
Go Presley!
Evie went too but she got tired and bored of the whole bowling thing pretty fast. She was more into dancing since they turned off the lights and had strobe lights and lasers everywhere.
It was fun to get out of the little house we live in and do something fun.
I know this guy had a ball.
Check out our final scores.
Maybe one day we will join a family league.......

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jordan in Joliet!

Well if you didn't know, I am a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan. I have always loved them since the 80's. Sure they disappeared for awhile and everyone laughed when I said they would reunite and tour again. Sure enough they did. I have been to see 3 concerts since they reunited. Well come to find out my favorite of them all, Jordan was coming to Joliet! I wondered why of all places he would come to Joliet but hey, it's close right? So I gathered a group of us to go.

Apparently lots of ladies in the Joliet area are huge fans too because the line was crazy long and we waited in the cold for an hour in a line that was around the corner and a block long!

Fianlly after being frozen, it was time to head inside.
First up, get some drinks and get in the Jordan mood.
Patti was 2 fisting it.
Amy bought the calendar signed by Mr. Knight himself.
I love Jordan! I really do!
Patti does too.
2 of the biggest NKOTB fans you'll find this side of the Mississippi.
Erin was thrilled to see this hot man live before her eyes.
And here he is.......
Now you see why he is in my top 5!
We were pretty close but I got a new camera that zooms in pretty close. It wasn't a big bar though so it was nice. Not like the other concerts where we were sitting in nose bleed sections and they looked like little people.
I have to say I didn't purchase his solo album but I will now. His songs rocked!
He did sing a little "Right Stuff."
Look at that gorgeous man!
You know you are an old NKOTB fan too when the radio station hosting this event is 93.9 the Light!
Oh well, older men are always better right?
He can sing to me anytime!

Thanks for coming to Joliet Jordan! I'll be Loving You Forever! I know I'm sad. But I love him!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Much Fun!

Since it snowed over the weekend, we didn't have any snow days but we did have some fun in the snow. Gracie got the sled out right away.

Bub decided to try out the new snow shovel that Daddy bought him. Evie stood in the garage all mad as can be. She wanted nothing to do with being out in the cold snow. Gracie helped shovel the driveway although instead of using her shovel, she used her hands. Finally we headed out back to the hill. Gracie took her turn down the hill first. Then Presley took a turn. This guy liked being pulled around and didn't want to get out of the sled. We weren't out there more than half and hour and this girl was whining to come inside. And then Gracie got snow down her boots so she wanted to come inside too. Oh well, the snow fun didn't last much longer than the snow did but that's part of the crazy weather with living in Chicago. Next time we'll hope for a snow day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Messy Masterpieces!

This weekend, Evie and Presley started their very first Park District class! It's called Messy Masterpieces. Gracie did this too when she was 2 and these little ones were just babies. It seems like yesterday. I love park district classes. Aside from most of the classes for young children being during the day, I did find this one offered on Saturday mornings. It was nice to be able to do something with just the little ones. It took place at Gracie's school so they were pretty excited. They got to come in and sit on the carpet. The class is set up where there are craft and play stations all around the classroom and the kids can move at their own pace from activity to activity to practice thier fine motor skills.

The teacher was Miss Darlene. She was Grace's preschool teacher last year. She is super nice. She explained all the stations that were set up. Evie wanted to go make some snowflakes first. Prelsey made a snoflake but with glitter. Grandpa came with to help! The big hit for both of them though was the bean and rice table. They had so much fun scooping and pouring and digging. But I did manage to get them away to have some fun with the dot paints. These were a hit. I need to go to Michael's and buy some. It's such an easy way to paint without the huge mess! Another fun idea to try at home is marshmallow painting. Basically you dab paint on the bottom of a marshmallow and wall-ah...instant designs. We decorate some mittens. Here they are showing off thier masterpieces. We also spent some time playing the popular playdough. Played with cars in shaving cream. And painted with ice cubes. Such brilliant ideas to try at home too! Evie and Presley had so much fun. They can't wait to go back next week! It's fun to be messy!