Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bedtime Stories!

Last week at preschool, we went to a fun night called Bedtime Stories. It is totally cute!  In each classroom are community workers and they read a story to the kids about their jobs and then the kids make a craft to go with it.  And they even get to wear their jammies!
Well, first up we went to Evie's room where a dentist read us a book.  Then we got to make teeth using play dough and beans!

But the best part was painting a tooth sparkly white using a toothbrush!

While in Evie's room, we found one of her pictures hanging up so we had to take her picture by it! She was so proud!

Then we went to a class where a man from the grocery store was.  He was giving out oranges!  

The kids got to color a book all about fruit!  The parents even got a 20% off coupon!

Then we had to go to Presley's room to see the firefighter.  This was a popular room!

After the story, we made dalmatians.  

They turned out cute!

After that, we even got to sit on the fire truck and take a picture!  Best part of the whole night for these two!

And we had to stop by the ambulance too.

Harry Potter Birthday Party!

Last week, my cousins daughter Addie had a Harry Potter birthday party!
Gracie was pretty excited to go even though she had no idea who Harry was.  
But my cousin is all about him.  Check out her little classroom of wizardry that she put together!  

The girls each got their own spell book and magic wands and she taught them magical words from the book.

Everyone even got their own Harry glasses!

The girls were so into this.

Then the girls each got to make their own sparkly potion.

Gracie was hooked!  This is her new thing, all these science experiments! 

My cousin is so creative that she bought and made the girls these nightgowns too!  

Is this not too cute?

Gracie was already thinking of having a science birthday party and this party made her decision final!