Friday, July 29, 2011

Touch a Truck!

Today we went to an event called "Touch-a-Truck." It was pretty cool. They had all sorts of vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, swat team cars, racecars, garbage trucks, tractors, bulldozers, school buses, and even a UPS truck. These trucks are all parked and ready for the kids to climb on in them, explore, pretend to drive them, etc. My kids had a blast! Presley even wanted to climb up in some of these machines! They even had free cookies and freeze pops and when you went inside the Milano truck, you left with a free bag of Milano rolls! Check out all the fun we had! Gracie said her favorite was the school bus!

While we were at the trucks, we ran into our friends Sean and Mia! They invited us over for lunch so we headed there. Sean and Gracie enjoyed a lunch of pizza by the window.

And then they spent some time playing together. We don't see them too often but Gracie and Sean played really well together and had a lot fun! Thanks Annette and Kevin for having us over!

Dance Parties!

We have been having so much fun this summer. I'm sad that's it's winding down but yesterday was a fun day! My cousin Jen came over to play with her kids. This was her kids first time here and they had so much fun! Gracie and Addie played very well together, both running around and screaming all over the place. Evie, Presley and Blake had fun staring each other down and watching their crazy older sisters be silly. We finally got them to sit down to eat lunch.

And then had a popsicle break on the floor.

But the highlight of the day I think was the 2 dance parties that took place that day. In the morning, Gracie had her Hip Hop class and they keep building on to their little song and dance routine. This time they added Fergie and even got to say "Shut up and drive!" Too cute! (I think she sort of gets embarressed when we watch but she still does a good job)

And then later at our playdate, Chuck came home and the kids had so much fun having a dance party with him!

Good times Jen! I hope we get to do it again soon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun With Water!

Whether it's swimming, bathing, drinking, or eating......water is awesome!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soccer Superstar!

Today was the day.

Today was the day Gracie had been looking forward to.

Today was it.

Today was the last day of soccer.

Today was day that Mommy would play against Gracie!

Her coaches had instructed us to pay close attention to the kids playing soccer that last few weeks because the last day was devoted to a big soccer game in which the kids will verse the parents. So we started with some warmups where we had to pass the ball, trap the ball, do happy feet, and dribble the ball.

Gracie did a pretty good job of teaching me how to do these things! Ha!

She can kick the ball pretty far too! So the game started and the kids were already scoring! They are that good! It was a good game but I think the final score was like 3-0, in favor of the kids! We got to high-five all the players and tell them "good game." It was a good game. It was a really fun time too! After the game, all the kids got medals! Here is Gracie getting hers. All the kids did a funny pose too when they got their medals but my camera is too slow and I coudn't get Gracie's "pose" in time. But she was pretty proud of herself. I am very proud of her too! Presley and Evie watched. I think they are dreaming of the day when they can play too!

Gracie's whole little soccr team was just too much. They all were great kids and had such a fun time together.

They did one final "ham sandwich" where they yelled "I love soccer."

Here is Gracie with her coahces, Coach Dave and Coach Joe. I can't say enough about these men. They were fabulous with the kids. Gracie took soccer through the park district but they hire out coaches from All Star Sports and I loved these guys. They were funny but taught the kdis a lot about soccer too.

Here is Gracie with her friend Ava, who goes to school with her and is that sassy little dancer in Gracie's dance videos because she is in Hip Hop with her.

Here is a pic of me and my soccer star! We were beat! It was hot

Again, I am so proud of my Gracie Girl. I put her in soccer not knowing how she would like it and she loved it. She did well with her coaches and the other kids. She is already trying to get me to sign her up again!

Monday, July 25, 2011

No Naps! No Naps!

Well I thought I had worn out my little twinnies today but as you see.........

I didn't! They made their own plans today!

Happy Birthday Emma!

Today we went and celebrated little Emma's first birthday! We headed to a splash park for a picnic lunch first. Yum!

And then we had some cupcakes! More yum!
Then we headed to cool off in the water. Well, all except for one of us. This guy here just wanted to sit on the bench and watch while holding the last of his Oreo cookie in his sweaty little hand. But Evie had fun with Jackson in the water. And Gracie had so much fun running around through all the sprinklers. Evie thought it was pretty funny to try to stop the water from coming out.So I thought I had wore these 3 out...... But guess what? No naps! Not a one! It made for a long afternoon.......