Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best at Ballet

It's neat to see Gracie doing her ballet dance every couple of weeks because she gets better and better. With her recital just a little over 2 weeks away, she only has one more ballet class. She knows the ballet terms like "pliate" (I have no idea how to spell these) and she tries to teach them to us. She likes the girls in her class and loves her dance teacher Miss Kathy. I received my "backstage pass" for her recital as I volunteered to be a helper mom. I get to help out backstage during the rectial at the Rialto and even get to help at her rehearsal and pictures. I am so excited! I know she is too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny found his way to our house last night. You would have thought it was like Christmas. He went a little overboard but hey.....they're only young once right?

Here is Presley's loot.

And Gracie's...

And Evie's.

Basically they got a lot of stuff from the dollar bin at Target. That section is always dangerous for this mama. But they got some things to play with outside too, you know if this weather ever warms up. The Easter Bunny gave them bubbles, balls, and each of them got a catcher's mitt and baseball. They even got a new swimsuit and flipflops too. And from Chuck and I, they each got a recordable book from Hallmark. I had gotten these for Valentine's Day but didn't get them recorded in time. I highly recommend these. They really are worth every penny.

Well, when the kids woke up this morning, the Easter Bunny had left baskets at the top of the stairs because he had hid eggs around the living room and kitchen. Presley knew what to do without any instruction. He grabbed a basket, even though it wasn't the one with cars and trucks on it, it had flowers, but he went to town.

He was a man on a mission. He was running around with a serious look on his face grabbing 2 eggs at a time, shaking them, and running back to put them in his basket.

Gracie wasn't as much into the egg hunt as I thought. It could be that the bunny had left her a new princess scooter.

So needless to say, Presley went around and collected most of the eggs.

Evie wasn't into it either. She is much like her mama and not so much a chipper lady in the morning. She did manage to find her basket and look at it.

She sat in Daddy's lap and watched the other 2 run around like crazies.

After the egg hunt, Presley was excited about his new Toy Story baseball batt and ball.

Gracie was excited about her new Crocs and flipflops. She also got Tangled, a Snow White doll for her collection of Princess dolls, and even a Princess t-shirt.

Oh, and a spider mask. Evie got a ladybug and Presley a frog. I'm telling you...the dollar spot......way fun!

Presley got into his basket too. He was excited about his football. He threw around just like a pro.

Daddy tried to teach Gracie how to use her new baseball mitt.

And all 3 kids had an egg-stra special egg filled with dollar coins in thier baskets too. Daddy got their piggy banks so it could go right in there. You gotta start saving for college now right?

Then Presley decided it was his turn to try the new scooter. Big Sis was not too happy about that.

And then Daddy brought in an egg-stra special surprise that the Easter Bunny had left in the garage. Motorized 4-wheelers! No way!They LOVE Gracie's powerwheels so now they have their own. Now we just need to teach them how to drive them.

And Gracie couldn't wait to get outside to ride her new scooter.

After all the egg-citement at home, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's.

We tried getting some family pics done but the kids were not cooperating too much. We had to bribe them with snacks.

But Gracie was just egg-cited to be wearing her new fancy dress. Snow White came with us too.

Here are all 3 of my kids all looking egg-stra special. Once again, super hard to ever get a good picture anymore.

And you know my obsession with having my girls in matching outfits. Dresses are no exception! Don't they look darling?

Then it was time to start another egg hunt. Yep, that bunny had also stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Presley went running around again.

But this time, he figured out how to open the eggs and had lots of fun eating all the Teddy Grahams that were inside.

Evie got in the action this time too. She too, liked the snacks. Big Sis helped her out.

He just couldn't move and eat fast enough!

Gracie collected so many eggs, that she had to get a second basket!

Evie took her time. Luckily her big bro and sis gave her some of theirs.

"Look mommy, more eggs!"

"I found this mom. Now open it up, I'm hungry."

"I'm good at egg hunts!"

After the egg hunt, we went inside to see all the goodies that were waiting in there.

And Auntie Amy had baskets too.

The little flower cart was a big hit.

By this time, the kids were on a high from runnind around outside, it was hard to pin them down for them to look in their baskets.

But each one of them got a special puzzle from Grandma with their names on it like this one.

And the Easter Bunny was even kind to my sister and I and gave us these shirts from Gap. My sis and I will wear them proudly when we attend the New Kids on the Block concert this summer! NKOTB rock!

Hope everyone had a hoppy Easter! We did! Thanks Easter Bunny!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Day!

Finally! It was a sunny spring-like day!

When I went on my porch today and looked down, I saw our beautiful tulips! We may not have much of a yard, but at least this helps. This is one place where I will (hopefully) not find any dog-doo.

A sign that spring should be here!

Auntie Anne and Uncle Mark came over with Jackson and after lunch, we decided to load everyone up in a stroller and hit the park! As soon as we hit the road, Jackson and Presley decided that they should hold hands. Afterall, they are buddies and they are not afraid of their feminine sides. Aren't they cute?

Poor Evie wanted to hold Jackson's hand too. Afterall, that is one of her boyfriends.

And it's a good thing that Uncle Mark came along because I needed someone to push a stroller for Gracie. It's a long walk to the park and I knew she wouldn't walk the whole way. Yay for Uncle Mark!

As soon as we got to the park, Gracie hit the swings. She is so proud of herself being on the big girl swings. She has even learned to pump her legs. Sort of anyways.

The boys decided to swing too. It is Presley's favorite too.

This was Jackson's first time at the park and in a swing. I would say that he liked it. He just there smiling away. He is such a happy little man.

Presley didn't want to get off. From the looks of this though he looks a little uncomfortable.

So we got him off and gave Evie her turn. Poor Evie. She always gets in second.

So while Evie was swinging, Presley decided to be the brave man that he is, and climb some slides. He did that until he realized that all he has to do is climb the stairs and walk across the bridge to go down. He is such a big boy and went down all by himself. In fact, Evie did too. My little babies are growing up!

After a minor accident, we decided to head home for naps. Presley and Evie fell asleep. I knew they would. These little tikes have protested their morning naps lately.

And as soon as we got home, Gracie ran up and put something in my vase. Can you tell what it is?

That's right! Dandelions! Every kid picks them for their mamas and I was honored that she picked some for me! This was her first time picking flowers. When I told her we would put them in a vase we got home, she held her little boquet all the way home and ran and put them in right away! What a sweetie!

Hopefully we see more days like today. The kids and I love being outside in the sunshine.