Monday, September 28, 2015

Pumpkin Patch!

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch for our first of many trips.  We like to go to Dollinger's because for one, it's free and two, it's super fun!
The kids were excited to play on the hay.  Gracie was not too happy with me when I said that she couldn't climb on it since her arm is not quite healed yet.

My kids love playing in all the little buildings too.  Every year I take a picture of them in the church windows.

The kids had fun wanting me to take pictures of them.

And like every year, we had to see how tall we are this fall.

This trip they were all about the animals though.  We spent a lot of time feeding the baby goats some hay. There was hardly anyone there so why not?

We checked out the other animals too even though you couldn't feed those ones.

My crazy animals!

We even stopped to pet the horses.

Then we went and checked out the pumpkins.  

We even had to take some pumpkin selfies!

Since Gracie couldn't do a lot of the climbing this trip, she opted to sit and hold the bunnies for awhile.  She was pretty proud of herself and now wants a pet bunny!

It was a fun trip just me and my pumpkins.

Homecoming Parade!

Last weekend was the annual Homecoming Parade!  This was the first parade in the last couple of years where the weather was wonderful!  We hit up Dunkin Donuts and headed downtown with our friends.

The girls sported their Wesemere clothes and waited for it to start.

Soon the flag came by.

And then the fire trucks and ambulances.

My old high school band, good ol PHS.  Now it' known as Plainfield Central.  My small town has 4 high schools, 6 middle schools, and 17 elementary schools!

The kids loved watching the bands. All 4 high school bands were there plus the junior high!

Of course the kids got lots of candy too!

The boys did really good and the 2.5 hour parade held their attention pretty well.

We all cheered for Wesemere when our school came by!

Someone Got Their Cast Off!

About a week ago, Miss Gracie got to go and get her cast off!  She was in it for about 4 weeks.  It was exciting at first but after awhile,  it was a little rough.  She needed help with everything from getting dressed, to changing earrings, to bathing, to going to the bathroom.  
The day came when it was ready to come off.  We took some pictures of all the autographs.

Then we finally got called back.  They gave her some earphones as they were going to saw the cast off.

Gracie laughed the entire time they cut it off because she said it tickled.

Finally it was off and her arm was free!  

They did an x-ray and discovered that one of the bones had not healed entirely yet so they took the bottom part of her cast and made it into a splint.  At least it can come off and we are working on doing things on our own again.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Marvel Universe Live!

We had quite the busy weekend because today we surprised the kids with tickets to see the Marvel Universe Live show at the United Center!
The kids and Chuck are pretty into Marvel and all those superheroes.  We made them wear shirts.  Evie didn't want too but when I told her she could wear pink pants and a tutu she was ok with it!
We got there super early so we hung around outside the United Center and looked at the Blackhawks statues. 

We bought the program and some coloring books for the kids.

Presley saw his favorite, Hawkeye!

Gracie saw her favorite too....Black Widow!

We grabbed some snacks, found our seats and got ready to watch the  show!

Presley was super excited!  He thought we were going to a Cubs game but I think this was the next best thing for him!

They were super excited!

Presley got to try his strength with Thor's hammer and he won a free Iron Man toothbrush!

We stopped to take our pics with the cool background.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The show was super awesome! It wasn't an ice show but like a stunt show. The cast was flying through the air, there were pyrotechnics, and lots of cool lights!

All of their favorites were there: Thor, Loki, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Miss Marvel, Black Widow, Falcon, Hulk, Spiderman, and even Pepper Potts, Evie's old favorite!  

It was a great show and we have been excited about it ever since we got the flyer last year at Disney on Ice.  Grandma got tickets last spring and Daddy even got off work for this!  Everyone had a great time!