Saturday, November 30, 2013

So Much to be Thankful For!

It's been great having the last few days off.  It's Thanksgiving time and I get to spend it with the people I am most thankful for!
We went and saw the movie "Frozen" and it was so good.  My girls are hooked!
I'm so thankful that Chuck did not have to work and we could all spend Thanksgiving together at my parent's house.  We had a yummy dinner at mom's and then it was home to catch some shut-eye.  Like only for an hour because........
It was Black Friday!  We hit the stores at midnight and it was the perfect time to go.  It was not crowded and we still scored oodles of deals.  Anne, Erin, Amy, and I did good.  This is what happens when you add 2 more kids to the group.  But in 7 hours, we managed to hit up Target, Kohls, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, Old Navy, Five Below, JC Penney, and Menards.  I'm thankful I have a job that helped me have money for some of these goods.

Whoops,  My pics got out of order.

The kids had fun taking pics with my camera.

I am so very thankful that our house it finally underway too!  Here is hole!

And just the other day, they poured the walls!  It is all so very exciting!

I can't wait to finally keep seeing some progress!
I'm also thankful that toda was a lazy day and we just hung around the house.  Although I stayed in my pj's, this girl enjoyed putting together her own outfit today.
And then our buddies Jackson and Baby Benny came over.  Guess who my little helper was?
I'm so thankful to have such wonderful kids and wonderful friends to spend time with.
I'm also thankful for my little Daisy troop.  They are awesome girls and we had a blast at the Christmas party the other night.
I really am one lucky girl!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baptisms, Babies, and Bass Pro!

This week was a busy busy one! Today our little buddy Benny was baptized.  We went to our church beforehand so the kids could go to Sunday School.  We raced over to another church so we could be there for the Baptism.  We put the kids in the nursery there.  It was  great service and Baby Benny did very well.  No crying at all!  Afterwards, we headed out to lunch.  The kid were excited to eat some pizza.

But the newly baptized baby and his buddy were out cold.
And the guys, well they were ready to watch the Bears.
Later, we took a ride up to Bass Pro to see Santa. Well, we got there and they were sold out of Santa passes today.  Plus, he left at 5 and it was already 4:30.   Oops.  Guess we will be making another trip up there before Christmas.  The kids didn't mind.  There's always a lot to do there.  We walked around until Santa was gone because we said he was busy making toys and wasn't there that day.  So what do you do at Bass Pro?  You play in the tents!
And lay on the cots.
You check out the wildlife.
Make bear faces.
And sometimes silly ones too.
They have a fabulous winter wonderland with free merry-go-round rides!

You can drive a train.

And shoot some guns.

And drive some trucks.

It was fun!
The other day my kids discovered their love for Lincoln Logs.  My mom has this Disney set and they literally played for hours with them.  Gracie has already added sparkly pink logs to her Christmas list.  Grandma has already hit the internet to see if they actually exist.
We had some visitors last weekend.  Yes, last weekend. I told you this week was busy. I can't wait for some days off.  Although they will be just as crazy but at least I won't be at work. Ha!
Anyways, Jackson, Benny, and Colton came over to play!  Presley and Jackson were all about playing Rescue Bots.
And the these two started doing some baby bonding.  You know they are going to be BFF's when they get older.
Of course Evie and Presley couldn't resist holding the babies. They love babies!
Especially my little mama here. She's got Baby Colton in one hand and her "polka-dot baby" in the other hand.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Evie and Presley's Birthday!

I know I'm late in posting Evie and Presley's birthday since it was last Monday. I did post the picture from their birthday party but here are some from our family birthday.
Auntie Amy made this awesome cake.
They loved when we sang to them.
But their favorite part is blowing out the candles.
But they couldn't wait to dive into more presents!
As if these two weren't one speical package enough.  
They could hardly wait.  Good thing they are boy/girl twins.  Evie got her presents wrapped in Princess paper and Bubs got his wrapped with Ninja turtles.
Presley got this Jake and the Pirates Lego set.  We had to go home and build it immediately.
He was pretty excited about his RescueBots though and those were opened right then and there.
Evie worked more slowly.  She even tried reading the cards.

Presley also got some Power Rangers guys.  He loves though too.
Evie got a new Barbie movie.
And even a new pony.
She loved her new Princess dress.
One of her favorite gifts was her new "polka-dot baby."  
She also got some new furniture for her Loving Family Dollhouse that Santa brought her last year.
Aunt Judy and Uncle Allen sent Bubs this Planes hat all the way from Colorado.
Evie also got this Loving Family camper from Grandma and Grandpa.
Bub got a couple cowboys and robbers Playmobil sets. He fell in love with them right away.
The next day, on their actual birthday, I took the day and took my special kiddos to Build-a-Bear!  They had never been there before. First we had to choose what bear we were going to make.
Presley picked the rainbow one and Evie picked the pink princess one.
They got to help stuff their bears.

And they picked out a heart too.
Then we had to give our new friends a bath and groomed them up.
Then we got to pick out some stylish clothes and name our bears. Cubby and Sparkles!
We grabbed a quick lunch and then of course had to ride the merry-go-round.
I rode upstairs with Presley and Evie rode downstairs with Amy.
We kicked off the night by heading to a favorite....Choo Choo Johnny's!
We made sure to bring Gracie too.
Yum!  What a great birthday dinner!
It was a fun weekend loaded with birthday fun!  Happy birthday Presley and Evie!