Saturday, September 25, 2010

Down on the Farm

Since I have been back at work, I feel that I haven't been spending as much time with my kids, in fact, I am not! Over the summer we did all kinds of fun things and now working full-time again, there is just not time. Sure I see my kids for a few hours each night but by the time you figure in dinner and baths, it's almost bedtime! So today, we decided to get out of the house and head over to Blackberry Farms again! Grandpa wanted to go too! It was a great fall day and the kids got to wear some of their new fall clothes, although Presley pooped through his right before we left and we had to break out the sweatshirts too, but at least it wasn't scroching. I was worried it would be crowded being a Saturday and all, but it wasn't!
When we got there, they were starting to set up their Halloween decorations. Starting next weekend, they are having all kinds of fun Halloween activities. We stopped for a few pictures though.

We also stopped to see the old schoolhouse. We asked Gracie if it was like her school. Her reply was "No. It is not like MY school."

And after you pay the cheap admission, you get to ride the merry-go-round as many times as you want! So we did! On the zebra horse of course!

And today was really special. They only do pony rides on the weekend. And since it wasn't crowded, there was no line! So here is Gracie riding her very first real pony. His name was "Ricky." She loved it!

And then we rode the choo-choo train a couple of times too. This time even the little ones were able to have fun!

And what kind of trip to the farm would it be without a tractor ride?

After a quick bite to eat, it was time to visit the barn. They don't have real cows but they have this fake one that you can "milk." We gave it a try.

But we did see some real animals too. Gracie got to pet some goats.

Grandpa had a great time.

And Gracie had a great time riding a pink tractor.

Thanks for going with us Grandpa. We had fun! Hope you did too!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing at the Park

The days are numbered to play at the park so we are heading over to one as much as we can before the cool weather comes along. This year, we have visited several as you may know. Gracie's favorite is the swings. Last year it was the slide. Now we just need to teach her to pump herself now. I bet by next year she'll be ready. And speaking of next year, I think there will be 2 more little kiddies running around the park too. This year they just soaked up the sights while sitting in a swing. Evie and Presley really love the swings though too. Presley actually cries when we take him out. Now we have a "park" at Grandma and Grandpa's but there's a problem....there's only 2 swings! Yikes! We need to figure out how to get another one put in there too. Grandma seems to be working on that one. So until the weather tells us otherwise, you can find us playing at the park!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Needed Night!

I don't know about you but the past few weeks have been CRAZY! With working full-time, dealing with my husband's crazy schedule, and being a mommy, it's tough to find the time to have a mintue to yourself, let alone hang out with old friends.
Well, last night Chuck and I had the perfect opportunity to do just that! My good 'ol friend Stauff decided it was time he get himself married so we headed up to his wedding reception. It was a great time too! Good food, good drinks, and good 'ol friends. Many of these guys, I hardly see anymore, let alone talk to that much because you gets in the way! Everyone is working, some have kids, some have moved farther away. We used to hang out ALL the time back in the day and it was great to catch up. It was just what this stressed-out mama needed. My parents were kind enough to keep ALL 3 kiddos overnight. It was a first for them but they survived and did great. Thanks for that!

My friend Stauff and I. Doesn't he look great? He'll make a wonderful husband!

Here is my buddy Elvis. He moved up the big city. I told him he was living out the "sex and the city" dream only being the male version. I think he might be like a Samantha!

And all my good 'ol pals from the day. John, Stauff, Jay, Neumann, and Elvis.
Great to see you! Don't be such strangers! Love you all!

Thanks for inviting us Stauff! We had a great time! Congrats to you and Andrea.
Now back to reality!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun at the Fair!

Today we headed out to Sandwich, Illinois for some family fun at the Sandwich Fair. If you have never been there before, it is HUGE! They have a variety of rides, all kinds of buildings with animals like cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and a petting zoo. They have buildings that have arts and crafts, buildings with things that have been judged like quilts, cakes, vegetables, etc. Plus they have a TON of food! You could eat all day!
So we have been coming to the fair every year for the past couple of years. It gets better every time too. This time Gracie was super excited about the rides. I think her favorite on this trip was the Fun Slide. We must have gone down it like 7 times!

And let me tell you, I nearly took this dude out, I slip real fast to the end and he was in the way!

Gracie enjoyed taking a train ride with Grandpa.

Gracie rode her old favorite, the merry-go-round. Of course we had to find a zebra horse.

And she even rode a choo-choo all by herself! My big girl!

After some rides, it was time to play some games. We found the ducky game and guess what? Gracie won! And I think that's only fair too because we paid $5 to pick 3 duckies!

Her prize was her favorite.....a panda bear!

We went in search of some animals after that.

Gracie liked petting the sheep.

And the goats too.

And we had fun looking at all the big tractors. In fact, we had even more fun taking pictures with the giant tire!

After that we ate and then it was time to head home. It was fun day but exhausting as well as this place was packed. And don't get me started about how people pay no attention when you are coming along with a double-wide stroller! I probably ran over a few people but could have taken out more! Anyways, a great day of family fun. Presley and Evie took in all the sights and that was basically it for them. Oh well, it tuckered it them out anyways. Next year, they will be able to ride some rides, play some games, pet some animals, and eat some yummy food with us!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 Months!

Presley and Evie are 10 months old today! Once again, I'm not sure where the time has gone. They are both crawling and keeping me totally busy! Both can pull themselves up to standing positions and cruise along things. Evie is starting to free stand for a few seconds and both of them love to walk while having thier hands held. They will be walking soon! They are hungry little eaters especially Presley. At their doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago, Presley weighed in at 22 1/2 pounds, which puts him at the 75th%. Evie weighed in at 17 1/2 pounds, putting her in the 25th%. Presley also is 2 inches taller than Evie. Lots of people ask me if they are twins because of the size difference.
I tried taking pictures of them today but as you look at them, you can see that it is hard to get them both to sit, smile, and stay put even for just a few seconds. And of course, they are wearing, this time, matching EIU outfits coutesy of my cousin Jill. Who knows, maybe they will follow in their parents footsteps and attend that great institution where knowledge was learned, great friendships were made, and memories that will last a lifetime.