Saturday, September 11, 2010

Disney Princess on Ice!

Being a big sis is hard especially when you have 2 little brothers or sisters getting in the way all the time. That's why Gracie was treated like a princess and went to see Disney Princess on Ice! She is currently into the princesses and knows them all by name. Her favorite one is Cinderella. Notice the doll in her hand. Of course she wanted what they advertised as the "Cinderella action figure." And let me tell you that these places make a killing of these things! And no princess would be complete without a light-up tiara too! She also of course got the program book, coloring book, and pennant thanks to Grandpa who also went with us.

It was a great show and we had great seats! Gracie sat like such a lady the whole way through.
We were actually running late as it took us 2 hours to get there! But it was so cute because we were literally running around the United Center trying to find our seats. She was shouting "C'mon guys, we gotta see the princesses!"

And the princesses we did see.
We saw Sleeping Beauty.

Jamine and Aladdin.


Snow White.

The 7 Dwarfs were there too.

Beauty and the Beast.

And of course, Cinderella. They actually acted out the whole Cinderella story whereas the others were just a couple of songs.

All the princesses were there at the end.

Disney on Ice always puts on great show. I wouldn't expect anything less. Afterall, it is Disney! I'm sure we will back again next year. Maybe with 2 more in tow. But maybe not for a princess show as one of them is a boy, even though he has already tried on the light-up tiara!

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