Sunday, February 28, 2016

Math Olympics!

The last couple of months, my kids have been getting ready for Math Olympics! After school, they have been practicing math skills and getting ready for the big day!  That big day was last week!  Evie and Presley were up first.  Their country was Italy.  

They had to throw dinos in a bucket and add how many were in the bucket to how many were out of the bucket.

Then they had to work as a team to put together a hundreds chart.

Here is their team!  

They did so good too.  Their team won two first place medals and a second place medal!  

So proud of them. 

Then we waited for Gracie's games to start. Presley hung out with his buddy Ethan. 

Soon the older grades got their games started.  Gracie's team was Ireland!

Jackie was on her team too!

She had to do some things with time. 

Then she had to put together a fraction pizza.

Her team got two second places and a first!

So proud of my math olympians!  

Daddy/Daughter Dance!

Last weekend we had our annual Daddy/Daughter Dance at school. This was Gracie's 4th dance and Evie's first!  Gracie got to get a new dress for the occasion and Evie got Gracie's old dress.  It didn't matter to her though because she loves pink and plus it was sparkly.  Plus, I bought the girls each a new pari of heels! We put on makeup and I attempted to curl their hair.  I think I have the prettiest daughters there is!

Daddy even got a new shirt and bow tie for the occasion. 

The theme was red carpet so after getting VIP tickets, the girls were announced and got to walk down the red carpet.

Jackie and Olivia came too!

And so did Meryn and Piper.

Oh, and Miss Lily as well.

I always volunteer to help at the dance.  Mostly because I want to take pictures.

My coworkers and I took a selfie with Montauk, our school service dog.

The girls pretty much dissed Daddy as soon as they got there and ran around with their friends.

But Daddy did manage to get some dancing time in with the girls. 

Of course there was a hula hoop contest and Gracie entered.  She almost won too.  I'll blame it on the heels.

I was so proud of Evie for not being all shy and getting out there and dancing with her friends too.

Daddy had to track her down to get some dancing time done too.

Everyone looked so pretty and the girls had so much fun!