Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday Evie and Presley!

It seems like yesterday these two little ones were just babies yet here we are....It's hard to believe that they are 8 already!  Time flies when you're having fun.  Happy birthday to my little surprises.  I  would never trade a moment for anything!  I love these two with all my heart!  Being 8 is going to be great!

8 is Going to be Great
Happy birthday to my son.
You are turning 8.
You are growing too fast.
I wish time would slow down and wait.
Being 7 was pretty cool
you started 2nd grade
Mr. Parrott is your teacher
and you played baseball on the Phillies and the A's
You love to play baseball
you keep improving as you grow
you love pitching and playing 1st base
just like you hero, Anthony Rizzo
you still love your superheroes
but Nerf guns on moving up on your list
last Christmas you go a Cubs Lego set
and now those are making it on you list of gifts
You love to watch You Tube
and make paper airplanes
you like video games
and driving your sisters insane
you are in Cub Scouts and are a wolf
you did your first Pinewood Derby and made a car
you sold popcorn and earned badges
I hope that in scouts, you go far
You are in Chess Club at school
and you love to swim
you get better every summer
and now in the deep end, you jump right in.
You have a lot of friends
Jackson is your BFF though
and also Ethan, Tyler, Patrick, Chase, Scotty, and Levi
and also Nicky and Andrew, the neighbors you've gotten to know
You've come a long way from my little bubby boy
how much I enjoy watching you grow
Happy birthday my little man
How much I love you so.
Love, Mommy
Its' Great to be 8!
Happy birthday to my Evie Beanie
how are you already 8?
it seems like yesterday you were my little baby
I wish time would slow down and wait
But you had fun as a 7 year old
you bridged to Brownie Girl Scouts
you sold lots of cookies and earned lots of patches
even though sometimes you like to pout
You do well in school
and are now in 2nd grade
Mr. Parrott is your teacher
You're across the hall from me-you've got it made
You love to read books
You read to us and your dolls all the time
Your favorites are Princess and Gerald and Piggy
and also you like books that rhyme
You love anything to do with Decendants
and Evie is your favorite one
You were even her for Halloween this year
we even had a Decendants 2 party that was tons of fun
You still love pink and all things girly
You like clothes, jewelry and makeup
after all, a girl always has to be prepared
including only using a girly cup
You have lots of friends
Pips is still your bestie for sure
but you also have Fiona, Sophia, Charlotte and Noelle
and because you a nice girl, there's a lot more
You still love babies
and you help take care of Colton and Benny
soon you'll be the best babysitter
and earning your own pretty penny
So happy birthday pretty girl
never change, stay the way you are
I love you so much
follow your dreams, and you'll go far
Love, Mommy