Sunday, November 29, 2015

Black Friday 2015!

Keeping with tradition, we headed out on Black Friday again this year! We were set to leave by 12 midnight!  I got a quick power nap in and made some coffee.

Erin was ready!

We piled in my mom's mini and were off!

First stop was Target!  We always do a lot of damage there.

This year we made sure to take lots of pictures capture all the fun and shenanigans. 

We had to take pictures of all the stores we went too along with mom's mini.  

We found some really cool hats.

Amy even scored a TV this year for a steal of a deal!

Shopping for toys! 

We found some pretty cool suitcases too!

Around 6, we had finally finished up at Target, Kohl's, and Walmart so we headed to Tasty Waffle to eat breakfast.  

But we were a few minutes early so we had to chill in the car.

Finally it was time to eat and Anne was starving!

Then we headed to Menards, one of the busiest stores we always visit.

Food and caffeine!  

We had to rearrange the back of the van to make room for the TV.

Then we headed to Michael's to get our deal on canvases.

Erin didn't know were were taking a pic of her paying for her purchases at Old Navy.

So we visited Old Navy and Five Below too.

After that, we were about out of room.

Here is what the van looked like after we were done!  12 hours of shopping baby!

Erin's purchases.

My purchases.

Anne's purchases.

After that, we were exhausted and ready for a nap!

Thanksgiving with Santa!

We had many things to be thankful for again this Thanksgiving.  Spending time with family and friends was the biggest blessing of all.
After we had a yummy lunch, we headed to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.  Normally during the holidays, it gets crazy busy but this year we went and saw him on Thanksgiving!  No one was there!

Actually the day before Thanksgiving, we went and saw the Peanuts movie with our friends Scotty and Levi.  It was really cute.

But as I was saying....Santa!  The kids told him what they wanted for Christmas.

Then we got to do all the fun things they have there without having to wait in line to do any of them!

Chuck didn't remember that I told him we were going there and he wore his Christmas vacation shoes.  Ha!

We took some nice family pics because it's so pretty there.

The next night we headed to downtown Joliet to see the holiday parade!  It was cold but not too bad.  Gracie did not want to come so it was my dad and I with the littles.  

Everything about holiday parades are awesome.  From the music, to the lights, to the floats, and even the way the bands decorated their instruments with lights...I love it!
After the parade we stopped to check out these cool ice sculptures.  We found one of Elsa and Snoopy.

They even had Santa's sleigh and the reindeer. 

A great weekend to kick off the holidays!