Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year 2013 with the Weiss Family!

2013 surely has been a wonderful year for us! We are very blessed. Here are some (many) highlights from our year!
Gracie had her first sleepover at Addie's house. It was her first sleepover at a friend's house.
We had our annual ASA playdate at Jessica's house with some of my favorite peeps from good ol EIU.
Presley started t-ball!
We went swimming at Grandma Patti's house!
Evie started her first ballet class!
Gracie started a tap/ballet class too!
Gracie tried ice skating for the frist time.
Evie and Presley took an ABC class.
We celebrated the 100th day of school.  

Gracie went to her first daddy/daughter dance at school.

She hung out with some of her new friends Lacey and Amber.
We went to Uncle Frog's to celebrate Christmas with them and Papa and Grandma Vicky too!
Gracie started Girl Scouts as a Daisy and I headed up the troop as the leader!

We had a visit from Larry the Leprechaun.

We finally got the hang of going on the big potty!
We went on an Easter Egg hunt and met the Easter Bunny!
We took our first train ride and went to Chicago!

We celebrated Easter!

Evie and Presley took a preschool class where they went by themselves!
We made flower pots for Mother's Day!
Evie and Gracie had their dance rectial!  This was Evie's first one!
I got to chaperone Gracie's field trip to Yogi Bear Park!
Gracie graduated from Kindergarten!

And she celebrated her last day of school!
We celebrated Jackson's 3rd birthday!
Gracie's Girl Scout troop went to Build-a-Bear and Gracie made her first bear...Daisy Bear!
We started swim lessons.  Evie and Presley's first class without Mommy or Daddy!
We went to Santa's Village!
We went to a Joliet Slammers Game for superhero night!
Gracie and Evie went to a Princess Tea Party!
Last day of swim lessons!
We got to go Touch-a-Truck!
We brought Daddy lunch and gifts for Father's Day at Menards!
We went to a water park and went down waterslides!
We hosted our first big sleepover with Jackie and Olivia.
One of our many trips to the zoo!
I had my tummy tucked!

We celebrated Gracie's 6th birthday by going to Morton Arboretum!
Gracie got all kinds of Barbie and Lego Friends!
We celebrated Gracie's birthday with friends at GymQuest!
We went to a baby shower!
We went to the Children's Museum.
NKOTB baby!
Surprise!  Baby Colton was born!
We went to Blackberry Farms!
Bub got his first trophy for T-ball!
We picked our our school supplies!
Fun with friends at the zoo!
Grandma and Grandpa bought a huge park for their backyard!
We went to Julie's bridal shower!
We went to Pirate's Cove!
I started my 13th year of teaching but my first in 2nd grade!
Evie and Presley started preschool!
Evie and Presley's first day of preschool and Gracie's first day of 1st grade!
We went on our first nature scavenger hunt with Grandpa!
We bought a house!  
Well, we decided to build one!
Chuck and I went to see Kid Rock with our neighbors Jon and Jeannie!

We went to the Sandwich Fair!
We ran the bases at Silver Cross Field and got to sit on the field to watch the movie Cars!
We went to Disney on Ice!
Our first time at Heap's Pumpkin Farm!
We flew in an airplane!
Back to the pumpkin patch with our friends!

HOmecoming parade!
Johansen's Pumpkin Farm!
Everyone drew a face to be carved on their pumpkin!
Halloween party with Scott and Levi!
Halloween as a witch, Power Ranger, and Sophia!
We finally had our hole dug!
Evie and Presley turned 4!
We celebrated with friends at Gym Quest!
Auntie Amy made their Jake and the Neverland Pirated cake!
Evie and Presley made their first Build-a-Bear!  Meet Cubby and Sparkles!
We were very blessed to spend Thanksgiving together!
Black Friday!
Frankenstein, our Elf on the Shelf, came back!
First snow of the season!
Girls Christmas!

Christmas Program at Church!

Bass Pro shop to see Santa!
Christmas dance at school!
Wesmere Christmas!

Mueller Christmas!
Our 2nd annual Polar Express ride!
Christmas Eve with jammies!
One of the merriest Christmases!
Progress on our house!

We really had a great year!  We are VERY lucky! 
My wish, like the song, is that these and everyone, is that your life becomes all that you want it to to.  Your dreams stay big, your  worries stay small, you'll never need to carry more than you can hold.  And while you're out there going where you're getting too, I hope you know that somebody loves you.
This is my wish for 2014!
And new things to come....

2013 with the Weiss Family.....looking forward to many more!
Happy New Year!