Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It was a Merry Christmas indeed! This was the first year that all 3 kids knew what was going on with Santa and it was so exciting.  We had a close call last night when Gracie woke up and caught us setting up.  Chuck and I both hit the deck. It's a good thing we put the baby gate up.  But she was also the first one up this morning and came and told me that Santa brought her the princess Barbie castle.  We had to wake up Presley and Evie and have them come and take a look.
The kids were pretty excited.  Although it was 6:30 am, the house was full of excitement.  
Prelsey got a work bench with all kinds of tools and a drum set.  
Gracie got her princess Barbie castle, a Rapunzel doll, and a Barbie guitar.  Evie got a dollhouse but wasn't too excited about it.  She told me she did not like it and said it was ok if Santa took it back.  I was sad to hear that but I think she'll feel differently tomorrow.  She is not a morning person.
Bub also got a Cars racetrack where you just shake the cars and they race around.
He also had to test out all his tools. Now he can help Daddy and Grandpa.
Santa also filled our stockings with all kinds of goodies.  Gracie got some hair things, Barbie paper dolls, and some socks.
Evie got some Princess makeup, some nail polish, and some hair bows.
Presley got some cars, Avengers undies and lots of other Avengers stuff.
Going through our stockings was so much fun.

Santa also left us this Just Dance Disney game.  Now we can dance to all our favorite Disney songs.
At school, Gracie had a holiday shop and couldn't wait to give us all our presents.  I got a keychain that says #1 mom!
She gave Daddy some Cubs keychains.
Then it was time to tear into the presents.
Of course they helped us with ours too.
Presley got some boy magnet people. We have lots of girly ones but now he can dress up some boys.  I love these Melissa and Doug ones.
Evie got her own set too so she doesn't have to use Gracie's all the time.
Gracie got a new hat and scarf set.
Papa and Grandma Vicky even sent us a Charlie Brown Christmas storybook that was read by Papa.
Evie got a Brave doll.
Gracie got this doll.  She thinks it's an American Girl Doll but actually it's from Target.  This girl's name is Phoebe and you can do her hair.  She even came with a chair to sit in to do just that.
Presley got his own Spiderman computer. Chuck found some really good things at Goodwill for very little. Score!
Daddy also gave him this racetrack too.
And his own bow and arrow, just like his favorite Hawkeye.
The kids were nonstop.
Gracie got a girly Avengers shirt.
Evie also got some dress up outfits like this Tinkerbell.
And a Minnie Mouse one too.  I bought a lot of this stuff back in the summer when it was all on clearance.
Gracie got the Beast doll too to go with her Princess and Prince collections.
Here is the aftermath.  Yikes.  Can't wait to clean that up.
The girls got busy right away doing the dolls' hair.
After we played with our toys and cleaned up a little bit, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's because we heard Santa came there too.
Santa also left this Barbie house in Grandma's playroom.  It is stocked with my old Barbie furniture.  Brings back memories.
Here we are ready to open stockings.
At Grandma's house, the stockings are always overflowing so everyone had a bag to hold the overflow.

The kids couldn't wait to see what else Santa had for them.
Gracie got a Brave doll, Evie got a Minnie doll, and Bub got a cars set.
Gracie also had special presents for Grandma and Grandpa.  She gave Grandpa a White Sox coozie.
And Grandma got a pretty necklace that says "Grandma."
Auntie Amy also had lots of presents.  Evie got a Snow White Lalaloopsy.
Gracie got a new Barbie Tiana car.
She also got a pretty Pocahontas outfit with the Barbie.
Miss Evie got her Brave dress.
Bub got a Hulk and Captain America shirt.
Oh, and Amy gave Evie this Brave bow and arrow set.
I had the kids make special ornaments for Grandma and Grandpa too.  They put thier handprints on them and we wrote what they wanted for Christmas on them.
I gave my mom a new frame with the updated pictures of the kids.  Thanks Jessica Jilll Photography for these great pictures.
We also decorated handkerchiefs for Grandpa and dishtowels for Grandma.
Daddy got some Cubs tupperware.  
Then Grandma had a speical present for Evie and Presley.
She made quilts!  Evie got a Minnie Mouse one and Bub got transportation.  Gracie got her animal one last summer on her birthday.
They are so cute and I'm sure the kids will treasure these.
Gracie loves hers too.
I got some nice things too like a new coat, boots, calendars, and this book!  
Then Grandma and Grandpa gave each of the kids a special present too.  Gracie got a Leap Pad and Evie and Prelsey got the Vtech Innotab.  They LOVE them.  Gracie has been playing with hers all night.
Daddy also got some really cool gifts.  He got these Avengers cookie cutters and cake molds.  Guess what we'll be baking?
It was such a great morning.  Everyone was way too generous and too much money was spent but tis the season right?
After the gifts were open, the kids settled down with thier computers.

Then we put all the wrapping paper in one big pile and let the kids play in it.

After that Mommy and Daddy got in a quick Christmas nap and then we had a nice turkey dinner.  It was a Merry Christmas.  And as always, I am sad to see it go.  Now to find a place for all these wonderful gifts......