Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Festivities!

Well we kicked off the holiday weekend right! After turkey day, it was time for some shopping....
Black Friday 2014!  
Amy, Erin, Anne, and I have been going every year for the last few years. This year Anne was sick (boo) so we made her face to bring her along.  We took pictures along the way so she was always with us in spirit.  If you have Facebook, be sure to check out the video I made.  WE waited until 12:30 am to go.  That way it's actually Black Friday and there are no lines!  WE went to the big stores too and walked right up to the register.  The only place we had to wait in line was Menards go figure. We scored some good deals and had fun!

That night, after a nap, we headed downtown Joliet for the holiday lights parade.  The kids wore their snowsuits.  It was fun though. Everything was all decked out for the holidays and the kids got lots of candy. 

Well Miss Evie had a little bit of a pout because her legs were tired so  she had to sit on the curb for a bit.

There were a couple of marching bands that came by with lights on their instruments.  Pretty cool.

Then we saw Santa himself in the parade. The kids waved at him and he waved back.

On our way back to the car, we saw some ice sculptures.  They were pretty cool.  The kids had to take turns sitting in the sleigh.  

 They even had fireworks!

On Saturday night, we headed to downtown Plainfield for some more holiday festivities.  We went to the lighting of the Nativity scene downtown at the church.  They also had carriage rides but the line was too long.

But we did manage to catch up with Anna and Elsa!

They sang some songs for us and the girls were in awe.

We got to take our picture with them.

And they even gave us their autograph!  

Then when we left, they gave us this!  How cute is that?

Downtown Plainfield is decorated so festive.  I love it!

Oh, and we even went to Gourmet Junction to see Santa and get our pic. We also got hot chocolate.  

It was a fabulous weekend!  I'm pooped but this is what the holiday does to you and I wouldn't change it one bit.  I love this time of year and can't wait for all kinds of more holiday festivities!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Well we have had a very blessed Thanksgiving around here. We were all together, happy and healthy!
The kids had made all kinds of crafts at school.  Evie even had a friendship feast that Grandma got to go to.  She made a handprint turkey and feather hat about what she is thankful for.

Gracie wrote a nice paper about Thanksgiving at school.

A closer look at Evie's turkey.  Sorry it's upside down.

I made thankful wreaths with the kids.  On each leaf, they told me something they were thankful for.  Of course Presley was most thankful for his whole family, his shirts, hats, games, cars, and Transformers.

Evie was thankful for Mommy and Daddy, her family, Presley, Gracie, Grandpa and Grandma, Amy, polka dot baby, and Alice.

Hers had to continue on the back because she was also thankful for her Belle and Sleeping Beauty dolls.

Gracie made hers by herself and she was thankful for her family, God, Millie and Hazel, turkey, her toys, food, and our house.

And yes the night before the big turkey day, I finally made my own handprint turkeys with the kids.  I have made every holiday throughout the years but never a Thanksgiving one.  (probably because I kind of skip it and go right for Christmas.)

We had a yummy meal at my parents house and it was nice just being together and hanging out.  

Here are some videos from Gracie's Thanksgiving play at school and Evie singing some of her turkey songs!  

Presley's First Boy Sleepover!

The other night, Presley got to have his first boy sleepover!  He was so excited!  I don't blame him.  Since there are 2 girls, it usually is all about the girls.  Poor guy!  Our friends Scotty and Levi came over for the night.  Over the summer, he had a successful sleepover there so now it was our turn!  First up, making cookies!  Literally, the timer went off and they were there!
Then we watched a little "Full House." 

Scott and Presley had fun playing spies, superheroes, transformers, and cars!

Levi had fun playing with Presley's new racetrack.

Evie even got in on some Playmobil action.

At about 10:30, it was time to unwind and watch some Spiderman.  

A half and hour later, Scotty and Presley were out.  Levi was the last man standing.  He made it up until midnight!  

The girls and Daddy even conked out early on the couch.

Everyone had fun and I see lots of sleepovers in the future!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Evie and Presley!

What a great day it was to turn 5!

The day started out with me surprising the kiddos at preschool!  I worked it out with both teachers that I could come in and help!  I brought their treat bags too!  It was so much fun!  I got to learn the letter "I" with Presley and play "duck, duck, goose."  Then I went to Evie's classroom and she showed me all her centers and I went to the library with her class.  
After school, it was time for a birthday lunch.  So like any other kid, they picked McDonald's.  Happy Meals it was.  

Even Polka-Dot Baby came and had to have some apple juice.

This guy was so proud of her birthday sticker. 

And of course after lunch, we had to play on the play land!

After that it was time for a trip to Target to spend some gift cards.  Evie got a Frozen purse that she can color and Bub got some superhero figures.  We also went to Barnes and Noble where each got to pick out a new book!  

After we got Gracie, it was off to Chuck E. Cheese for some games and pizza.

The kids had so much fun here!

They even got to dance with Chuck!

And after that, it was home for presents and cookie cake!

They are showing us how old they are!

Of course Auntie Amy spoiled them both with special shirts.

And she even gave them each a Playmobil set.  Bub got a police station.

Evie got a playground.

Evie was also pretty excited about her new Elsa dress.

And Bub got Sven and Olaf!

I had most of their birthday gifts already purchased this summer but last minute I decided to buy Presley this Power Ranger Megazord thing. He LOVED  it!  I guess Mama knows best!

I ordered these darling necklaces for Evie over the summer too.

An I Spy game! 

Chuck had picked up this Hot Wheels track at Good Will for like $2.  Like how I stuffed it back into the box. He was excited too because he just a got a loop track from one of his friends.

The other last minute gift I got for Evie was this Elsa doll.   She fell in love with her instantly.  We had to open her and Evie played with her all night.  She even put her to bed and covered her up.

Both kids got lots of books. They love to read and I collect books all year through book orders.

Grandma and Grandpa got them each a hat and gloves. Good thing too.  The weather is getting quite chilly around here!

And Grandma and Grandpa also gave them each a big box.....

Presley got the Playmobil fort set!  He has the other little sets that go with this.  It stated on the box though that it will take an adult about 60 minutes to put together.  That will be a job for tomorrow night.

Evie got the market. Super cute!

And by request we had cookie cake and ice cream.  Can you believe that neither one of these kids really likes cake or cupcakes?  

It was a great day to spend with my babies.  Just me and them.  They had a fabulous birthday and I am fabulously exhausted.  
Happy Birthday Evie and Presley!  You are not allowed to get any older now!